Our friend over at Nicole’s Nails UK sent us this image from Pintrest and its sparked a great idea!

We have just cleared a space in our kitchen hoping to get a new shelving unit and somewhere to put our new coffee machine (a very enthusiastically received Christmas present!)

I think this will be a great inspiration for the unit and will be a great use of one of our products going up on our etsy store soon.


This is made from a recycled pallet and we have used similar versions in the past for wine racks and kilner jar storage. The door was found on a burn pile and turns out to be the exact width of the space we have available.

My plan is:

  • Cut the door to the height from the counter top to the ceiling
  • Make some more “standard” shelves, just to use up some wood I have left after Christmas presents were made (Post to come soon)
  • Give it all a smooth sand
  • Find the most “rented house” friendly method of attaching to the wall

I will give it to Sophie to choose the colour scheme and then just need to find some coffee paraphernalia to fill the shelves.

I will get to work on this and then post the finished results by the end of the week, hopefully! Check back soon for some great DIY tips to help with your New Year project.