Ok so it’s taking forever but we finally finished our coffee corner. It was held back by the mould problem going on but its finished and I am very happy with it. So like Richard said in this post it consisted of us using an old barn door that we found and some pallet wood. Richard made some shelfs and supports then made another shelf for the top using the bottom of an old pallet. Now I will let Richard talk about his rent safe approach of doing it later on.

Now I don’t know what it is but I am loving gold right now. But I resisted on spraying the whole piece gold. I quite liked the country cream the door was anyway, so I just touched up the paint work a bit. I then painted the shelves the same cream, and added gold accents on the outer edges. I love the fact that the handle is still visible on the door. It’s a whole new meaning to country chic.



Now I have many different tea cups, teas, tea caddy’s as well as the endless coffee beans and paraphernalia. So I utilised this. While keeping my pretty tea cups on my dresser in the welcome room ( a post to come one day). I put on display my Grandmas old Ocean Queen Tea caddy which now holds our tea bags. I also have my glass teapot on show which is great for flowering tea. The little flowers in the jar taste like peppermint tea, what they exactly are we aren’t sure. (if you know leave us a comment), Richard got me these and the yellow tea set on the shelf from China.

It was fun to put all of our little things on show, I am definitely one who believes on having your stuff on show. We have an old school Batman potato head which is Richard’s you may notice that we have random spots of items around the house like the Iron Man painting in our bedroom. Post here. They are Richards and I love how quirky they look mixed in with my girly decor. I mean it’s his house too so why not have his comic book items around.

With a few screws we were able to hang up the milk jugs nicely. Making use of the space more too. The best thing about doing this was I could literally do whatever. We can change it around nice and easily or if I want to re-paint it a different colour I can.

Just a quick note on our espresso cups. Yes we do have Star Wars themed espresso cups from Urban Outfitters but they don’t have them any more but you can get them from here. If you don’t already know I am quite a fan of Star Wars. But they are pretty immense and say Deathstar Canteine on the back. A present for us both from my sister and her boyfriend. Needless to say it went down well. We also have two double espresso cups from Le Creuset. The cups are in matte black which are so elegant and sassy it kills me. These were on Richards wish list for like ever and thanks to my Aunt and Uncle he was a happy boy at Christmas.



We both love coffee, and we were looking at machines in a reasonable price range for quite a few months until we decided on the one we have. So I’ll give you a quick review on our machine. We have the Cuisinart EM200U Espresso Coffee Maker Chrome. Now after spending countless years working in bars and coffee shops, I have come quite accustomed to using fancy Italian machines, so when it came to get a cheaper single cupped one, (which costs like 1/16 of the price of the fancy industrial ones) I was a bit fussy. I wanted metal fixtures not plastic. I wanted the ability to make double shots not just single. I wanted a milk frother and water-spout and I just wanted to be able to make a decent coffee to a similar standard you get in cafe or at least better than instant. Although this machine doesn’t get to the temperature of the sun, its more than enough to make a hot coffee. The frother works extremely well, although the metal sleeve gets grubby very quickly and needs to be cleaned after every use. It has a function for hot water, to manually decided how much coffee you want, to programme your perfect shot amount and your basic single and double shot functions. The chrome finish is a bit of a pain, as it shows every smudge and finger smear, but it looks nice and it’s worth that extra bit of effort to buff it. So I would recommend it.



How we built this:

I built this out of an old wooden door, pallet wood, and wood battens used in packaging from a delivery at work. So it is all repurposed wood.

The pallet shelf at the top is held up by bolts through to the door, so very strong and will not fall down with any amount of weight. The smaller shelves are screwed in from the back and the battens are used to add decoration and also help support the shelfs slightly. These methods only work because I can get to the back of the unit, if this was bolted into the wall it would all be proper brackets, concrete anchors and countless holes to make sure it takes the weight.

Now as we rent I didn’t want to put loads of holes in the wall as I want to limit the amount of filling when we move out. But as its going to have quite a bit of weight on it needed to be pretty secure.

I attached a scrap piece of pallet wood to the concrete wall with 2 wall plugs and screws, I then put the shelf unit in place and screwed through in multiple places to secure it up. Having to just screw into the pallet wood behind means that:
1, I didn’t need to measure or level the wood attached to the wall.
2, The bottom of the unit is level and having that on the countertop meant it was self leveling and also takes a lot of the weight.
3, Screwing it into the wall just means getting it into the wood behind so no measuring or leveling necessary again, a very simple and quick install.

Having a piece of wood the same thickness as the scrap wood, attached to the bottom of the door keeps the unit the same distance from the wall across the entire height.

The wood back is very handy in the kitchen as Sophie is constantly changing her mind on what she wants where, so with a few screws it can be hung up or taken down without any lasting damage to the house.


So there you have it, a great way to add shelving to a rented place with minimal destruction. You don’t need a door, as a whole piece of wood for the backing would be fine. If you want a door, keep an eye out on free cycle and skips, but always ask the owner who owns the skip if its ok first.



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