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Ok so I got a lot of feedback on my DIY Lego Washi Tape holder and a few request for me to try and explain how I did it so I thought I would attempt a tutorial. Ok so you don’t have to use my colours, the wilder the better, but these are the block sizes I used. Hopefully my instructions make sense, if they don’t email me and i’ll try my best to explain it better.








You need a flat base. I only had these 4 sizes, sadly it would have been easier if I had more then 2 colours, but these were the ones I had. So you put all the flat bases in a line together.


Next we need to secure the bases, so we grab the long flat blocks to do this. I put them centre to keep it even.



Add the beige ones at the bottom and the white ones at the top…if you can see them..


Next we start to build our sides. I went for the double block look, but this could always be achieved with the long 8 blocks instead. The pink is sooo nice. You can get fun colours from most lego shops. They have like and M&M thing going on where you can fill a bag with fun coloured blocks.



We add our sides to the base. Remember to keep it nice and centered.


This is our top. The black is the flat base bottom support, the white and grey the middle and the orange and red the flat base top support. To hold the washi tape it needs to be sturdy.I have lined the blocks where they go on top and below.



Arrange it so it looks like this.


These are our top corners. This is  a nice and simple bit I know.





Next is to attach it all together. The washi tape goes on the middle so just slide it on, before you attach it all together.









And there you have it!! A lego Washi Tape Holder. The more colours you use the better the outcome! If you do this please instagram it to me would love to see it!! (ask for Sophie, unless it’s a question about steak then Richard is your guy)

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