DIY pins I want to try this year

I had lots of fun this year trying out different DIY’s and showing you a few of our products from our shop, and I have been browsing pinterest for some inspiration and I think I may have my next few projects lined up…





I love bags like this, I’ve always wanted one as I saw them a lot in Italy at the food’s a nice alternative to the big shopping bags, if your just picking up a few things. This is from All About Ami and comes with the crochet pattern and instructions on how to do it.



How cute are these? There are so many cute ideas for tights, I totally want to try these, maybe do them on some baby ones for the twins?? Source.



How amazing do these look? So apparently there’s dishwater safe mod podge now so I SPY DIY created these tissue paper watercolour effect cups..they look insane no? I want to make these so bad!!



We all know my obsession with gold, and this is no exception I totally want to try this and maybe incorporate it into a wedding DIY? I am also hoping that this year might see some more actual planning on the wedding…Anyway this is from Jenny Collier and has all the instructions on her site it’s great take a look.


Now I have quite a collection of wicker baskets in my house, and I totally think they need some sprucing up! Plus this is a simple DIY which can be done on a rainy Saturday.. This is from Mrs Polly Rogers.



I’ve decided I totally need a cute pouf for my feet. Now there are quite a few different styles out there and I am torn between a patchwork one like this and a crochet knitted one…who knows..maybe ill make two. This is from Sublime decor.


So I think I have a good start to go with. We have finally started to settle in a bit, and the living room and kitchen are nearly done, though the spare room looks like a warehouse..who knew I had so much stuff.

Let me know what DIY’s you will be trying!