DIY colour block storage from sugar and cloth

Whether it’s complex or easy DIY, you need to be sure you have all the right stuff with you. There are certain supplies and materials you’re going to need to use to complete more basic DIY’s and then others for bigger projects! If your a newbie, start slow and work your way up! I wouldn’t recommend going out and buying a whole tool shed straight off! Plus some tools will need some guidance at first!

Play gym by empty handed

 Consider the sort of work you want to do on the home and where you need to start. This will give you a better idea of the supplies and materials you’re going to need for the process. If you’re still a little unsure, then you need to get online and have a look at what you’ll need. Here are a few suggestions about the sorts of supplies you can expect to need to do your home DIY.

DIY cardboard plane by Heidi hope

There is so much that you can do when it comes to working with wood, whether you want to build a table from scratch, make some chopping boards or just up cycle your current furniture! It will help to have a few little bits! An electric sander would be great for any wood project, especially up cycling when more often then not you need to scratch and strip down the wood to the original grain! For from scratch projects your probably going to need a saw of some kind…if your really serious you can invest in a ban saw which is great for any scale project…just starting out. Go for a jiw saw of some kind! When you start really getting into your craft, there’s an almighty array of power tools available!

DIY dinosaur hoodie on buzz feed 

Things like drills and power saws can help to make certain projects much easier as you will need the extra power they provide. Have a look at the sorts of power tools you might need to complete the work.

When you’re trying to do any work on the home you’re going to find that you’ll need some sort of adhesives. There are many things that will need to be repaired and constructed, and you’ll need materials to help with this. That’s why you need to make sure you get things like glue gun sticks from Glue Guns Direct. They will allow you to build and fix things when you’re starting your DIY projects. You’ll be well equipped to tackle any work that might need to be done without issues and stress.

DIY gems from mini eco

Now let’s talk about some of the cute things..that are a little bit more fun to buy! Different fabrics are a must, whether your upcycling, sewing or making little crafts projects having an array of materials leaves your options open! Trail eBay and charity shops for scraps of fabrics! Having some different paints and spray paints are great too! When ever there’s a deal on reset pots I stock up! If I find myself using a certain colour a lot, I then invest in the bigger pots! Having little testers pots give you a rainbow of colour to choose from, for your little projects! Different cards, paper and washi tape are great things to have too! Browsing around charity shops for future projects to do up can be so much fun too! Have fun! Browse and be creative with it! And try some of the easy DIYs I’ve included in this post!