Doing up your bathroom?

So it’s pretty exciting, Richard has a whole week off, and so when he’s having his quality time with Arch, i’m doing some DIY’s and sorting out our bathroom too.

Now it won’t quite be my dream bathroom, as i’m limited due to renting, but I’ve got some tricks up my sleeve to inject our style.

I had a look at Bella Bathrooms blog post which gives some great tips if you are looking to completely change your bathroom. As to be honest I wouldn’t know where to start, and I have this pinned for when we finally buy our own place. Where would we be without pinterest.

Use this website to design the room as well as you can. On this site, you can clearly see where things will fit in your bathroom, without having to guess or constantly re measure your space. This means you can try out all the different bathroom suite styles you want to see how they fit..before you buy..

Now if your doing up your bathroom from scratch or if your renting storage facilities  are a great way to add little quirks to your bathroom. Especially as typically bathrooms aren’t the biggest, but yet for some reason there’s always a ton of stuff in there!! Especially if you have kids. So having some storage where you can keep things tidy and organised will make it a much nicer place to relax.



This bathroom is great as it shows a variety of storage ideas that are renter friendly too! I love the metal crate to hold the toilet rolls, and the little hooks with a bag of flannels on! so super cute. Another great thing to think about is utilising areas you wouldn’t normally think of. Like putting a shelf above the door for storage or having a ladder lent on the side for your towels. Who says bathroom’s can’t be stylish.



Finding unique ways to store your hand wash, or even shower products and mouthwash can add some unique style to your bathroom. I mean how awesome is this Jack Daniels soap dispenser and it’s so easy to do too!



Spray painting a toy dinosaur to hold your toilet roll? Genius! Such a quick and simple DIY that will add colour and fun to your bathroom.





Add some style to your bathroom by DIY-ing your own shower curtain. Another great way to inject your own personal style without annoying the landlord!! Love this!

I’ll finish with some amazing bathrooms which I think can be achieved easily even if you rent!



Gallery wall in the bathroom! Well hell yeah this needs to happen! It looks amazing.



Bold accents makes this plain cream bathroom look amazing! See what a bit of colour can do!

I’m looking forward to finally adding some touches to our bathroom to make it a place I actually want to relax and have a bath in! Watch this space guys!






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