Dream items for your home bar cart

Ok so in Essex I had my own little bar cart..well it was vintage tea caddy..which is now in my garage, but it did the job. But now i’m a mum I feel it’s time to revamp my ‘bar cart’.. you know make it more grown up..and well a glass of wine is sometimes needed, especially with a 6 week old.

So my plan is to up cycle my bar cart at some point, but being me i’ve jumped ahead and started looking at cute barware…what can I say…i’m a sucker for the details.


ok so if you want an all singing and all dancing bar cart, it’s not just the fun extra’s and alcohol that you need. You need the right glasses too. I will do another post on all the glasses you need, plus must have alcohol, but I thought I’d show you these tumblers. Which are super cute and come in different colours. These add a nice pop of colour in mix of all the other plain glassware you might have.  These are from Anthropologie and cost £6.00


Matchsticks are a staple, especially if you class up your bar cart with candles…or maybe do a flame drink..(thats totally  what they are called by the way…haha). These are super cute. I’d get them just for the packaging. These are from Anthropologie and cost £5.00.


So you can get some awesome paper napkins, but if the environmental activist in you doesn’t like the idea of the waste, why not get some cute material napkins like these. From Anthropolgie and they cost £6.00


If your new to my little corner of the internet, I must warn you on my love of gold. You will see it pop up a lot, especially in my wish lists. This is super cute, and just screams Great Gatsby elegance. Plus a bottle opener is a staple for any bar cart. This is from Anthropologie (again…) and costs £8.00


I have been seeing lots of mineral agate slices as coasters, but they can be pretty pricey. These are great as an alternative, plus they come in sooo many colours…all of which are to die for!! These are from Anthropologie and cost £8.00.



A carafe is great for holding wine, sherry or port.. and port can be great in cocktails. I love this one with the oak wood stopper! It’s a decorative, plus a useful piece for your cart. This is from Not on the Highstreet and costs £28.00.





Ok so since being a mum, my trash tv watching has increased, and one of the programs which me and Richard have been binging on has been Bar Rescue. Now whenever they start showing them how to make cocktails, I have been drolling over the cocktail equipment they use. Including a Boston shaker like this above! It’s the fancy cocktail shakers that they use quite often for flair bar tending too.  Anyway this set if from Not on the Highstreet and costs £16.95.



Ok straws..I mean every cocktail needs straws..and you could go over elegant with plain black mini straws..but come on..we like colour and pattern..and we want to dress up our drinks! These are from Not on the Highstreet and cost £8.00 for a pack of 50.



Ok so the next few items are from an awesome site, which just does bar equipment. The best thing is they do a ton of stuff in the metallics. Which makes me very happy! These are from Cocktail Kingdom and cost £13.95.




Drinks on the rocks always look better with perfect square ice cubes..or ball ones if your really fancy with your whiskey. This is from Cocktail Kingdom and costs £5.95.



So how beautiful is this? I feel like I would need this and the boston shaker above..you know..different ones for different drinks. This is also from Cocktail Kingdom and costs £49.95. I just love the copper look!



And to go with the copper shaker and tongs, a copper jigger. This is an essential part of any cocktail kits..for exact measurements plus you look overly professional when showing off your bar skills! This is from Cocktail Kingdom and costs £14.95.original_milk-bottle-straw-and-tray-set


And finally for the kids and non-drinkers, these are great for those non alcoholic drinks. Still fancy and super cute!! Plus the straws above would look awesome.This is from Not on the Highstreet and costs £20.00.


So there are  few things to get your gorgeous home bar started..I’m holding back on buying this stuff until I actually have my little bar set up…it will be a good present for myself once I’ve finished the up cycle! But i’ll show you some super fancy bar carts for styling inspiration next week!




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