Dreaming of owning our own home

I don’t know if it’s the nesting or wanting to be able to do what I like in the house I live in, but I can’t stop dreaming of things I would do if we owned our own place. Plus the satisfaction that comes with owning your own home too. Now with a baby along the way I think it might be a couple of years..unless I win the lottery..but to do that I’d probably have to play more then once in a blue moon! But until then ill keep trying to make my little rented house a home, with my landlord favourable ideas and hope adding the baby to the mix won’t see our deposit being flushed down the toilet…

But I can still dream, and think about what I would do if we owned this house. Plus some ideas for you guys if you fancy sprucing up your space!



I love how light and airy this bathroom is. I’d love to be able to pick my own bath…and tiles…funny really..it’s frustrating not being able to do what I want with my house. But I know I’m lucky that I have somewhere to live thats safe and there’s food on our table..so I shouldn’t complain really at all.  This is from Dwellings and Decor.


I’d love to cover the outside of our house in flowers, and paint our front door a bright colour. No matter where we live one day I am sure our neighbours will hate us…we will be the weird ones with a bright blue door or something! This is from Dragonfly Treasures.


I love the industrial light fixtures that are taking the interior design world. I’d love to have the relaxed hanging light like this next to our bed! This is from Then Let it Be.



Subway tiles are awesome, and how amazing are those counter tops. I also would love the freedom to hang up anything I wanted without getting permission or having to use the velcro renters strips. This is from  All Things Stylish.



Look at that flooring pretty tiles are a must!! Plus I think they would look great contrasted with the white industrial subway tiles on the wall! This is from Shelterness.

photo (2)

I have a lot of books and nik naks all over our house so I would love to have shelves like this spotted around the house for extra storage. Plus I love how colourful this room is, and those rugs and pillows…to die for! This is from Apartment Therapy. I say love way too much…


Me and Richard both love (there it is again)  the idea of doing this to one or two of our doors. I think ti would look great in the nursery! Definitely not a landlord approved decor action though! This is from A Beautiful Mess.


This will one day happen. I will have a random circle of colour in one of the rooms of my house one day! Plus that lamp shade is divine! This is from Charlotte Lovey.



How adorable is this nursery, I think one thing I would enjoy about owning our own home, is making a real home for our baby to grow up in. Not worrying about dirty hands or paint getting on the wall…heck doing one wall as an entire chalkboard. Creating memories in our very own place…would be lovely. But I can still do that in the little house we live in now..just hopefully less sticky hands on wall…we would like our deposit back! This is from Mini Style Blog.


I’m curious as to what was the first thing you did once you brought and moved into your very own place? Re-did the kitchen? Painted the walls? Ripped out some ugly features? Let me know.


ta for now x