OK this is a super quick, super effective DIY post for you all. So like I say a lot, I am a big fan on my house being a work of art, if I buy something I want it on display may that be plates, old books or even pretty packaging, I mean why not right?

So here is what you need:

Self adhesive magnetic tape (the one i got from ebay and most I have looked at specify for fridges).

Super glue ( for heavy items you want to make into a magnet)

Cute pictures/polaroids instaprints

Pretty packaging or paper


Ok so it’s pretty simple, you pick your items then cut the magnet to the right size and stick. if your putting up wooden or plastic pieces I would recommend using superglue for some extra strength, plus if you use pom poms, way easier with glue.

So thats it, the magnet cuts really easy and its so simple to use, then all thats left is to re arrange your fridge front with your memories and fun nik naks.

I’ve used quite a few photos that are special to me and Richard, plus some fun things too! Like the sardine pate wrapper from Portugal, I’m a sucker for good packaging.





So here’s a little layout of the tools your need. This is soo simple plus such a cute way to add some pop to your kitchen. Like I said you will need superglue to attach the magnets to the items like the lego girl.



So measure out the strip and stick it to the top and bottom of your picture. With my lego girl, I attached the magnets to her legs and body, for extra strength. She looks awesome by the way. So effective. I made her at the lego store, where it costs like £4 to make three lego people, and you get a choice of top,bottom, head, object and hair. So much fun. We made Richard one and he’s holding a baguette..fun times. So I made me..holding a handbag.


Anyway, the possibilities are endless, plus you can update this all the time. My magnet strip cost me £1.65 from Ebay for 1 meter, which is a bargain and more then enough to decorate my fridge with. Can’t wait to add some more to the fridge when we get back from Italy!





Ciao all! x