So I am very much looking forward to the long Easter Weekend. My plans you ask? Well with Richard having the Friday and Monday off I am looking forward to getting the garden started and finishing off some much needed DIY up-cycled projects. I have a couple of dressers around the house which need a bit of TLC and we have a set of chairs which we need to finish for our ETSY store.

I am looking forward to doing some much needed yoga on a newly cut lawn, and just generally chilling. I have a list the size of my arm of things that need to be reviewed, finished, put on Etsy and so forth. But hey it’s a holiday. I have been in a bit of a funk lately. With craving sugar ( I shouldn’t of had that brownie a couple of weeks ago) and just generally feeling blah, so I am looking forward to spending a weekend at home with Richard, chilling in our little abode and getting covered in paint while doing up some loved pieces of furniture.

So lets start off with some pin-spiration on dressers





 These two are so beautiful and so delicate, I’d love to do something like this for one of mine. It will never be as good, but it would be a personal touch of my very own. The colour choices are genius, I love how the second has an almost clash are art deco and floral themes.

These are from Sans Parapluie




 I love the subtle blue ink like design on this piece. It almost looks like an indigo dye.

This piece is from Hummingbird Tumblr.

DuluxXLMFF_BLUE3 - Copy

 I love the blocked colour paired with the natural legs. This piece is from the Design Files.

So I am totally attracted to bright colour and patterns, as you may know from my previous pin posts. I want these dressers to be statement pieces, I love the idea of block colouring one and maybe designing a pattern for another.


So lots of pattern ideas. I like the idea of using African and Bohemian influences.



I just love love love this. The colour, the shapes. Everything


kira-cph.dk Web-1-l0086

I’d love to go somewhere like Morocco and stock up on beautiful textiles for my home.



I don’t think you can ever have enough baskets. The colour, the patterns, I am just in awe. I would fill my house with these beauties.


So we have some patterns and colours inspired by Africa, now for some clashing of textures and bright neon colours from a more bohemian theme.


I love the pink chairs, paired with different rug textures and colours. I’d love to have a house full of rugs, but they can be so expensive and sometimes so unoriginal. That’s on my wish list to go somewhere like Marrakech and buy some beautiful rugs for my home..This image is from Love is Speed blog. There are some beautiful pictures on that site, so do go check it out.


I love how playful this room is, I am pretty sure I had a rug like this when I was little. It was probably one of my brothers and it went with the toy trains we had. I love all the little details on show, and the pictures. I like it when homes are filled with interesting trinkets to please the eye. Why go somewhere where all the belongings are hidden away?



I’d love to have a chair upholstered using an old rug. Plus how beautiful is that tree bark table?? DIY project?? I think I’d like to maybe frame one of my many scarves that I have collected over the years from a variety of places. I couldn’t find the source for this image. If it’s yours let me know and I will credit it.

studioJan2014 (17)

 This is my dream. To have a breathtakingly eye-catching gallery wall. A mini exhibit of my inspirations, loves and life.  It’s a very religious theme, but needless to say the layout and mix match of colour, sizes and textures makes it stand out. I’d could look at this all day.


Sorry about all the pictures. If you too have been in a funk. Take a breath, go for a walk, plant some seeds, do a drawing or have a fancy cocktail. Or do some yoga on a freshly cut lawn.


Have a lovely Thursday x