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I’m not the kind of person to play it safe for home decor. Even though I like that minimalist Scandi-chic style, it can be a bit too minimal for my tastes. If you’re going to decorate your home, you might as well bring some of your personality into it. I like to see a bit more eccentricity in people’s homes, and I wouldn’t want ours to be without its various bits and bobs. An eccentric home shows that you don’t have to conform to the latest trends or go along with everyone else. It shows you’ve put a lot of thought in too, and spend time on something you’re passionate about.

Get in Some Unique Art

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Adding art to a home is one of the best ways of injecting some personality, in my opinion. Art comes in so many different forms and styles that there’s something for everyone. Maybe you like modern painting, classic statuettes or funky textiles. Whatever suits your taste, putting some unique art in your home will immediately lift it out of the ordinary. I love the range you can find at Quent Cordair Fine Art. You can find highly realistic paintings and beautiful sculptures to add to your home. Somes I like just seeing what I can find in a random shop, and even in charity shops.


Collect Things from Your Travels

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Most people love travelling, whether it’s to the other end of the country or the other side of the world. I love seeing what people bring back from their travels. Displaying things from your travels allows you to show off parts of your life. They’re memories and not just random objects that you’re dotting around the house.


Use Handmade Items

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Any regular readers will know I’m not afraid of a little DIY. So I’m obviously a huge fan of displaying handmade items in your home. If you think you don’t have any DIY skills, you can buy them from people like me. But I encourage other people to have a go themselves too. If you make something yourself, you can inject even more of a personal touch into whatever you make.


Theme Your Home

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I love the idea of using themes to make a home more unique. You could pick a theme for the whole property, or you could do something different in every room. It’s an excellent way of finding inspiration to do something different in your home. The theme could be inspired by a country, a design period or style, or even just a colour.




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