Enjoying the Heatwave? Here are some tips to surviving


Dreaming of being back in Italy, lounging in an ice cold pool..

So I am not enjoying the heatwave…i’ve chomped my way through half a bag of ice, and I am hardly moving yet I am still drenched in sweat…this is crazy! I mean I feel like I should have planned to be heavily pregnant in like December when it’s nice and cold..

Anyway here are my tips for surviving a heatwave.

1. I sat in my car, windows up for like 30 seconds while I grabbed my bag and sent a text…it was excruciating, let’s not be careless with our dogs and kids, hell anybody, it’s dangerous. I couldn’t last 30 seconds..

2. Ice is your friend, I’m drinking a whole glass of ice water every 10 minutes..i’m secretly hoping the 20th glass will be the charm and finally cool me down…i’ll let you know

3. If your pregnant, try and rest, hydrate and move as little as possible..although I am doing this and still managing to sweat ridiculous amounts..its not fun.

4. Now is the time to invest in a fan and a paddling pool…I will be doing this tomorrow for sure!

5. Don’t be ashamed if your at home to sit in your pants..I am sporting some lovely maternity pants and bra..who said pregnancy can’t be sexy…

6. Don’t be embarrassed to get stupidly excited about hearing that tune of the ice cream man, and yes it’s a perfectly good reason to run for it (although this will cause more excessive sweating) but Ice cream is your friend..

7. This is where I miss living by the sea or by the Cotswolds where i could be in a lovely body of water right now..floating…if you are able to go swimming remember sun tan lotion..but enjoy it..

8. Sun tan lotion is it’s own rule…no one likes the lobster look..

I think i’m off to have a cold shower..Try and stay cool and hydrated all!! We can make it through this…