Ok so I know what your thinking. Seriously what’s my obsession with lavender. Alas I don’t know, but I have used this stuff for like the last year and I can’t rave about it enough. You can get epsom salt from most health stores or online, and all you need is some lavender dry or fresh to mix with it. Simple no?

Epsom salt has been known for it’s health properties although debated on wherther it works or not. But either way, it’s great to use once a week as a mode of relaxation.

Epsom salt is an inorganic salt composed of magnesium, sulfate and seven water molecules. (don’t worry I don’t completely get what this is either) haha! But what I do know is that it can be helpful in aches and pains, and having an epsom bath can do wonders. I just put a couple of tablespoons into the bath and just relax really.


Another thing I love to do with this mixture is add a little bit to some olive oil and turn it into a scrub this leaves your skin feeling soo good and smells great to! I do this once a week, have a good scrub down and rinse away!


This was especially helpful this morning because Richard started his new job this week which has him out on the daily commute grind. Getting up at 6. And being the lovely girlfriend I am I get up too ….. to make him a sandwich to take and to grind coffee beans..for you know coffee. Anyway starting the day this early I thought to myself as I am up…why not go for a run. Remember I started the running program? It’s going slowly, I am still on the stage where I run for 5 minute walk for 3 X3. Due to my many ear infections, I have been a bit MIA in the running schedule, but hey running this morning at 6.30 although tough was pretty refreshing, and ending with a lavender epsom scrub was just what I needed! I am now ready to start the day in my new little office, trying to engage with you guys out there!

Anyway until tomorrow all!!