Now I know what your thinking, this isn’t a subject I tend to blog about. This is true, I did the art scene for a while, and it wasn’t my thing..but I do have a degree in Fine Art Photogoraphy, and I don’t think its anything you really just switch off and forget about. So when I came across Eric Cahan, I thought i’d show an artists work who I admire.

Now I came across Cahan’s work when Artsy asked me if I would be able to do a piece and include a link in a post for them. Now I get a lot of emails daily from different companies/bloggers etc asking for me to mention them. I take a look at each request seriously, and decide whether or not I think it’s something you guys would be interested in. I’ve been doing sponsored posts for a year now, and although there have been a few posts that weren’t great (especially when I first started doing sponsored posts) I only ever accept subjects that I’m interested in or that I would typically talk about. Note that most of my requests aren’t sposored they are just polite requests like this one.

Anyway to stop rambling, I was in love with Cahan’s work straight away,  I love the abstract colours of the sky and sea scapes he does. Here are a few of my favourites of his, and I’m thinking I might have to start saving up because I totally want one for my office.


The colours are just overwhelming aren’t they. Could you imagine having this in your home? Just watching the purple haze fog into blue.



If I had to pick my favourite. It would be this one. I think it’s because of the distant landscape. It feels like a fogginess that just gets clearer as you go up. As if you are exhaling and the top of the piece is the clarity..


I think everyone in their lifetime should buy at least one piece of artwork, a piece that when you look at it, it inspires you, de-stresses you, invigorates you. Makes you think. Because that’s what art is for. It’s what it’s their to do. Make you think and feel. Let me know which of his works you like best.

I tempted to pull out my medium format, my beloved camera that I havent used since I graduated. Crazy right. Anyway do check out Artsy site as they have tons of artists and they believe in “making all the world’s art accessible to anyone”.