It can be difficult to know exactly what you need for when your baby arrives…there’s the obvious like moses basket and cots which I’ll talk about a bit more below, but sometimes there are so many options its hard to know what to go for…well hopefully my experience can help you!

Baby clothes..a pretty big essential. But take it from me they aren’t in the set sizes for long. For example. Arch will be five months soon, and he’s wearing 6-9 months because he’s so tall. This is where hand-me-downs will be a god send. I buy Arch cute things every now and then, but most of his bits are either bought for him by family and friends or they are second-hand from his cousin Finley. Babies grow so quickly in the first few months, that I found there were si many things he only got to wear once. Plus the first few weeks Arch was mainly in baby grows….sometimes baby 1 month old jeans just aren’t practical! Even if they do look super cute! Vests are important, and you will need a similar amount of vest, as bodysuits. They will wear the vests under the bodysuits to keep their temperature up. The style of vests you want are the ones with envelope necks and poppers underneath. This design means that if your baby has a bit of an accident, they can slip off down the shoulders easily, so there’s no need to try to manage it over your little ones head and risk getting anything over him or her.

Ok let’s talk bedtime. There are so many options when putting your little one to bed. swaddling, blankets, grow bags. My personal preference is the grow bag. Its secure enough to keep baby warm  and eliminates the chances of suffocation because it’s fitted and secured under and over the arms. They really are fantastic and they come in different toggs and sizes, so suitable for all ages and all weathers! Next we have the godsend Ewan the sheep. This needs to be on your list! It mimics the sounds and light of the womb, giving a white noise which calms and helps baby sleep! Another thing to note is when your baby naps in the day, don’t be afraid to make noise. I hoover when Arch naps, because the last thing I want to do is have to tip toe around him.

IMG_3653.JPGArch looking adorable in his growbag! Most baby stores do them like Mothercare or Mama’s and Papa’s.




Get Ewan here!

Gadgets. It may depend on the size of your home, and if you have other children (also known as noise) around. If it is quite a large and busy household, I would recommend getting a baby monitor or nanny cam. This will let you see or hear the baby as they are sleeping. You will be able to see if they roll over, or get a blanket pulled over their head for example. Research and look for the best nanny cam reviews as there are a lot on the market. We are currently looking for one so when Arch goes up to bed, I don’t need to linger next door in the nursery/office so I can hear him.

It’s recommended that you have your baby in with you in a moses basket or crib for the first 6 months. This is especially important in the early days to avoid the risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). Your breathing regulates his or her breathing. It also helps regulate the temperature in the room. You will, of course, need a mattress to fit the Moses basket or crib

If you are breastfeeding, make sure you have a few nursing bras and lots of breast pads. These will both need to be regularly changed in the early days so make sure to stock up. Nursing tops and dresses, or even scarves are great for when your feeding out in public too!

I’d recommend getting a pump, so that at 6 weeks you can try your baby with a bottle, if they aren’t already using one, as this will get baby use to having a bottle and the boob! You can use expressed milk so the baby is still getting all your nutrients, and it also gives your partner that chance to feed your little one! Archer and Richard bonded instantly because he was able to share the feeding time. If you are just formula, take it from me and invest in some anti-colic bottles. Because everyone I have met so far who uses a bottle has had a colic-y baby! We use Mam anti-colic bottles.



Whichever way you feed, you need to get plenty of muslin cloths. They are lightweight so you can carry a few around with you in your bag. They are great to use as burp cloths and to mop up and spills or baby sick. Because they are so thin and light, they wash well and dry super fast. This is great because you always need some handy. A variety of sizes are available too. Get a few different sizes. The larger, blanket style ones could even be used as a nursing cover if needed.

A moisturising bubble bath is great, especially if you get night-time ones which help soother your baby, and I’d recommend getting a baby bath with a seat. Because if your baby is anything like Arch, and hates baths this makes it slightly easier.

Change bag, or nappy bag is obviously a must. They come in super cute designs. and all have different features too! But it is handy if the nappy bag has a detachable changing mat. But don’t worry most of them, if not all, do come with them. I use a small plastic wallet to put a few nappies, wipes, nappy cream and sanitizer in. This makes my life so much easier. As when i’m out and about I just grab the wallet and go change Arch. No hunting around for the cream or wipes. It’s all in one place. I Also have a little Tupperware box which has his spare dummy, calpol sachet, syringe and teething gels. Believe me, the last thing you want to do when your baby is crying down the place because he or she is teething and your having to dig everything out of your bag trying to find the teething granules. Having little pouches or wallets which hold the important stuff makes your life simpler!

And finally regarding changing your childs nappy, have a little basket in your living room, or if you have the space even a change table, so you don’t find yourself having to go upstairs to the nursery to constantly change your little ones nappy. Because believe me your be going up and down a lot!

I hope these ideas might help make your life a little easier! If anyone has any more tips please do share!



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