Etsy Wish list (non baby related, I promise)

I seem to spend hours nowadays looking at baby stuff comparing prices online reading surveys and such. So I wanted to look at some fun things non baby related…just for a little while. Just as a note, with Etsy a lot of the products I review or post are from overseas so please make sure you check postage…as it can be pretty pricey! But enjoy..I love browsing new things which could look cute in my house and such..





Ok so right now my tummy is more like a watermelon, but this is such a cute print..not that I’ll  be fitting into anything like this for a while…but hey it’s cute no? Though it’s a bit pricey at £64.52 take a look at it here!





Eye prints are everywhere, and I love this cute make-up case. Could also be an awesome pencil case too! It costs £12 and you can get it here. Possible addition to my hospital bag…hmmm


We all know my obsession with artwork…I don’t think I’ll be happy until I have my house covered in art.. This is super cool though! This costs £16.46 and you can get it here. So it doesn’t break the bank either!


I love these arrows and I have been so tempted on so many occasion to get some but the postage puts me off! Remember always check the postage! I just think they are super cool and would look great pinned on a wall. They cost £25.68 for a set random of five….the postage is £27.(see my hesitance). But you can see them here.


I love this piece sooo much!! My only pain with artwork, especially if you get originals and invest in a piece is framing. You can spend just as much on getting something framed professionally. Especially if it’s an odd shape. This costs £17.78 and its super awesome! See it here and other artworks from the shop.


I am a sock person, I like to wear cute socks with sandals and my turn up jeans..I mean what’s wrong with a spot of colour and these are super cool!! They cost £5.93 and you can get them here.





This is soooo awesome, I just love this! It costs £62.55 but it’s an original one-of-a-kind silkscreen print! See it here and her other artworks!


You can never have too many planters…if your not up for forking out for one like this, grab some cement and do a DIY job!! This one costs £15.80 and you can get it here.


This is such a funky necklace, and I spent ages drooling over the collection! This costs £23.65 and you can get it here. I could totally have one for every outfit!


How awesome is this? A 3d printed T-rex shower head..too cool! This costs £13.17 and you can get it here. It also comes in tons of colours too! I mean this is like the greatest thing ever.



I love this whole set up! it’s super cute!! There are so many awesome ceramics in this shop so do have a look! This costs £36.61 and you can get it here.


ah I love Etsy, it’s filled with so many unique things, there’s always great gift ideas for everyone!, just takes a while to browse…


I’m off to chill. The last 2 days had me being pricked by needles the whole time. Gestational diabetes test- check. Whooping cough jab-check. Anti-D which was ridiculously painful (but I’m a wimp)- check. Belated 28 week bloods taken-check…I am so over injections now..