Both Richard and I live pretty far away from our families, so when it comes to Christmas. It is a bit mental and hectic. But it’s family so  it’s worth it! But it’s not just this time of year that family is important! We try really hard to go visit each family, so that we see our Nieces and nephew, and so that they get to spend sometime with arch too!

Spending quality time together as a family is really important for your kid’s mental health. Richard shift pattern sometimes makes family time a little difficult. But even at Archers age, we try to do a day out. Sometimes it’s nice to go with out tech, and just chill… Though this rarely happens. I might try and do it more in 2016.

Family Bonds

Spending quality time together will strengthen your bond as a family. This is how many family units begin to feel more like a team! You’ll build these strong emotional bonds for life, and stay closer. You will also learn how to better adapt to situations as a family.

Happy Memories

Children will remember happy family memories for life. Not only that, when they get older, they’ll be more likely to create a loving environment for their own children. Be the kind of parent you think they should be to their own children!

Ideas for Quality Family Time

Eat Meals Together

Eating meals together, with no distractions, is a great way to stay bonded and caught up with one another. Make sure there are no phones, and that you’re not sat there in front of the TV! Easier said then done I know! But when arch starts weaning I’m looking forward to having meals together as a family.

Go to the Cinema

Go and watch a film that your child has wanted to see. Maybe like the new Star Wars…which I so want to see! This is a nice treat for them; it could be used as a reward for good behaviour. You’ll also learn more about their interests and what they like this way.

Play Sports

Staying active as a family is very rewarding. You all get to create those happy hormones together, helping to bond you closer together. You could go to a class, or simply make a game in your own back garden. You can all improve your skills this way. It’s a fun way to stay fit too! Another thing I’m going to try in the new year!

Explore New Places

Explore new places together and have adventures. You could go to see the sites of a brand new town, or take the kids somewhere special. Nickelodeon land in Blackpool could be a nice trip that they’ll enjoy! You don’t have to spend money on theme park tickets though. There are plenty of places you can go that are free to explore and enjoy. All you have to do is find them.  I love the idea of a couple of times a month going on a family trip! I’m already thinking of going to the Kew Gardens and a aquarium in the new year!

Outdoor Activities

More families need to get outdoors and stop spending so much time in the house. You can try all kinds of outdoor activities, from biking to hiking. You could even go camping, or have a picnic afternoon.

Read Together

Reading to your children while they’re young is a really good idea. This helps them to develop their imagination, listening skills, and communication skills. We read to arch every night. I do t when Richard works late and he does it when he’s home! Arch loves books and he’s slowly building a rather large collection! Which I love!

I hope everyone has a lovely Christmas!