I love looking at all the latest designs, and although I don’t go to the shows ( I wish) there’s always plenty of places to see all the excitement from the shows. So all my pictures today are from Style. So there are a few designers I always check out first, because I always love their work. Firstly we have Chanel which is obviously led by Karl Lagerfield who is head designer and creative director, has anyone else seen his barbie doll? Thoughts?



Is this not the coolest outfit you could wear to work? I am in love with that pattern, and the sharp collar detail with the structured lines..ahhh anyone would look pretty fancy in this! Chanel Ready to Wear  Spring 2015


I picked a few outfits from the Chanel Ready To Wear Spring 2015 collection, just because of the boldness of the outfits, of course, I feel Chanel always takes it that step further but I am in love with the clash of the monochrome skirt and jacket with the abstract print boots and top.



I am in love with the mismatched colours and prints..and the cropped jacket….yes please!! I just love how feminine this 9-5 office-esq looks are, and the boots…words cannot describe how lovely they are..


Another label who’s collection I always check out is Marchesa. Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig  are the brains and beauties behind this label, and they did not disappoint.



This whole outfit is a dream, the skirt the shoes and matching handbag, it’s all very girlie and light with a bit of fantasy thrown in there..


For the balls, I may one day go to…these two dresses are our princess dresses we have all dreamed of, with the delicate floral trail and the blue airy netting, it’s like a clip out of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.



I am seeing a theme with the cropped accent tops, and this one is just beautiful, paired with the bright fushia pink, I just love it.


Next we have a slightly more ‘out there’ collection from Manish Arora, but a collection which I love…the colour, the clash of patterns and texture, even the hats…he made it work..


With a sci-fi like theme going on with the metallics, and eye prints, the different textures in the sleeves alone were enough to win my heart. Who doesn’t like a clashing outfit while pairing it with a bumbag…


A slightly more tone-downed piece from the collection, but the beauty and elegance with this is just gorgeous, that beading work and the shoes? Wish list please.

YVL_0261 Quite possibly my favourite outfit from the collection, I am a sucker for pastels and florals, plus that blue with that pink just makes a dream outfit for me…I think i’d even consider the shoes…why be normal?



Anyway they are just a few outfits I loved from the Fashion Weeks. I won’t bore you with my whole list, we could be here forever plus I know a lot of you only read for my delightful meltdowns and rants, so I’ll keep in short and sweet…haha

Speak soon!