Feeling a little bit stressed?

AHhhhh, stress relief ideas


Yes yes I am. I officially hate estate agents, or at least one in particular, gah theres nothing worse then spending your day emailing and ringing and arguing. I can honestly feel my shoulders and back just tighten up.  I hate ringing people and I hate it more if I know it’s not going to be a great conversation. Anyway I am trying desperately to calm my heart rate down, and to relax my body. Why is it when we get even the littlest bit worked up we automatically tighten our bodies up and go rigid. I am thinking I am going to do a few stretches and then take a bath. I could honestly murder a spa break right now..theres just something amazing about having those fluffy white robes, and the dim lights with scented candles…yes thats what I need..


Now to complete my effort to dis-stress I am putting the computer down. No online work for me!!


Bye all speak soon!!