The joys of flowers, I am in a considerable better mood today, I do apologies for my mini breakdown, what can I say sometimes you just need to rant. After I posted that post I got some lovely responses over email and my mum also gave me a rang for a pep talk. So I am good, went for my jog/walk this afternoon and I have managed not to binge my weight in chocolate, so win win. Although the following might be a tad hard to resist!


So to the post. I am so in love with flowers, I love them in my house, surrounding my house, and now I  am even loving the different ways you can use flowers in food. See above for a list of edible flowers! This would make such a cute poster too! This is from Sugar & Charm.





So I am totally doing this for the party, it just looks so utterly beautiful and will make any summer drink look divine! Source.




Last year  I planted out some lavender and it’s now finally starting to bloom. I really want to try and makes these…they look so yummy now if only I had a lemon tree..hmm..Also do flowers have calories? Oh I don’t even care. I just want to make them and eat a while bunch!. This is from Twigg Studios.


This looks so scummy too, just by adding flowers it seriously makes me want to try it more! This is from The view from great island. I think this could be such a cute way to add something different at a wedding. Use an edible flower from your floral arrangment for the food? Thank me later…haha


Now I think everyone has seen this glorious cake as it has made it’s way around Pinterest the last month or so. From the talented Bri Emery from Design Love Fest (one of my up most favourite blogs so you should go check it out). I just want to eat this cake in the garden with some pink lemonade.


I just wanted to add some more floral’s that are catching my eye, I just love how these roses are packaged. They look utterly adorable. I wouldn’t mind walking down the streets of Paris holding a bunch. Source


These are just beautiful and are from Justina Blakeney. ( do go over and check out her blog, another favourite of mine)  She did a whole series of them, and they are just beautiful. I wouldn’t mind having one framed to add to my art wall… Just lovely.


 Finishing off with just some pretty flowers, I feel like the trend of flowers has increased dramatically over the last couple of years, having flowers in your home, gardening, especially in women in their mid 20’s. I started gardening last year after me and Richard moved in to a house with a lovely garden and a green house. But before that, even at uni, I loved buying fresh flowers to put in my room. I think flowers just make me happy, and aren’t just an item associated with romance, if you want  a bunch of flowers, go buy yourself some. Check out my previous post here on my trick to cheap beautiful flowers and learn how I kept my home bursting with floral delight during Frugal February.


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