Doing a little bit of browsing on Pinterest, and found today that there was a noticeable trend in what I was pinning. Pink. Now I wouldn’t put pink as one of my top colours, but I’m thinking its my colour of the week. Enjoy the images.OH-MY-DAYS

I’m loving this image done by Barry Leonard for Print Club London. How nice is the cotton candy pink with the deep blue?



Im not going to lie, it’s all about the hat for me. I wouldn’t mind a hat like that. It looks like a horse riding cap, shame I don’t ride. Also how awesome is this photography. The contrast of the pink against the yellow background, and the model is stunning with the blue 60’s eye flick. Image by Nandi Macalou.




This is taken from the series New York Illustrations by  Remko Heemskerk. The series is awesome, and bet you can’t guess what drew me to this image…. The pink statement sections just invite you in. This series has been illustrated to perfection. The contrasting colours with architectural reference gives a unique twist on a well known landscape.



This is taken from Jon Calleja works Watercolour Type.  I love the simplicity of the colour in this, matched with the intricate typography. I especially love the curves of the letters R and A. Take a look at his other work on the site and also his tumblr. He will be  posting an image of his work, every day,  for the next year. See it here.



This could be me wishing for warmer weather, but I’m loving the warm pinks in this image. Plus I have some sunglasses like this that I want some nice weather to wear them for.  Photography by Ryan Handy. Take a look at the rest of the series Pastel.


Enjoy your wednesday peeps.