Finding the Christmas spirit and the Carter traditions.

I found it. We have come to my family this year for Christmas, and the familiar ornaments, the Carter traditions are all around. It’s been a hectic two months, and I appreciate every one of you that reads this blogs, especially due to my absence the last few weeks, and who keep coming back. I love you all. Here is to a lovely Christmas and an exciting 2015!

It’s funny how much Christmassy I feel as soon as I am back in my home town. So I thought I’d share with you some of our Carter christmas traditions.



Ok so the hardest tradition, which I am now so accustomed too, and couldn’t imagine doing it any other way, is waiting to open our presents under the tree until after Christmas dinner. So we end up sitting down to open presents at about 7 in the evening. Crazy but it makes the whole day last longer, and I am telling you as a kid doing this, it was such an exciting day waiting for presents even if sometimes all we wanted to do was rip open the presents. It’s a tradition I will continue with my own kids in the future.

Ok so you know how some kids write letter to santa, and now a days even email..well when I was younger, the way we asked santa what we wanted for Christmas was we shouted out the window on Christmas eve. Which was made terrifying when my Grandad answered back from the upstairs bathroom. I also learnt he had bells…I knew I wasn’t loosing my mind when I thought I heard santa all those years ago. .Richard finds this completely bazaar? Did anyone else do this? Or was it just my family?

Then the rest is pretty standard I think. We wake up, open our stockings and have a big family breakfast. We then spend an hour or two at our local pub which opens especially on Christmas day for a few hours and where the whole town goes. It’s nice to see friends for a couple of hours on Christmas day.Then we slob around and eat our weight in snacks, before tucking into a big turkey dinner with all the trimmings.Then we open our tree presents, then all fall asleep in a food coma.

I love Christmas, and this Christmas is going to be hectic, with 17 for dinner, we have a feast and a day of lots of presents and I can’t wait. Shopping is finally done. I ventured out to Tesco’s at 8 this morning. All I need to do if finish the last bit of wrapping.


So I wish you all a merry Christmas, and if I haven’t fallen into a food coma, I’ll take some pictures of the hectic day and share!!