‘First Kiss’ This video has gone viral, and it was only uploaded a couple of days ago by Tatia Pilieva. But understandably though as its undeniably beautiful. I watched it last night, sat in bed with Richard beside me and I was drawn into it straight away. The video showing 20 strangers kissing for the first time brings back memory’s of my own first kiss with Richard. The nervous shuffles and giggles. The awkwardness the flutters waiting to see who will make the first move. But as the strangers go in for their first kiss, you can see their reactions, their feelings. The movement and the passion and for strangers no less in front of a camera

The black and white video shows two strangers standing opposite each other and it will keep you watching til the end. Showing a range of ages and sexuality, the video is just beautiful. The question I am now asking is whether the strangers become couples, or at least explored a possible future. Everyone is thinking that no? I think it’s hard to fault some of the passion shown in the video. Can a first kiss have this much power?

Regarding our first kiss, well me and Richard had chatted for a while, but never really been out on a date. We went to dinner, the deal was I was paying, but he took my card and put it in his pocket and paid for dinner (don’t worry he gave it back). We walked down the road, me nervously fiddling with my hands Richard brushing his hands through his hair, he came up to my apartment, met some of my friends, we had a few drinks. Later on in the kitchen when I was sat on the counter, he just kissed me. It was perfect and it took my breath away.

When watching the video, I think a connection that comes from kissing someone, completely sober and in front of an audience, quite possibly makes the kiss that more passionate. Was it passion were there fireworks? Regarding the smiles after the kiss has finished resemble teenagers in love, as they are lost in the moment then come back to reality with a look at the director. The music was done by Soko and she herself participated in a kiss and from my research was able to further connect with her female partner after the first kiss. ABC did a piece on behind the scenes of the video check it out here. Here is a quote I pulled off the site said by Soko on the kiss with her female participant.

“Afterwards we went to get breakfast and then we ended up just hanging out the next four days. We didn’t really take anything further romantically but we made a real connection and I feel like that’s one of the most beautiful things people can take away from this video.”

So if you haven’t already seen it, check out the video below.