Let’s behonest. When it comes to decorating your home, its bever going to be finished…new trends, new furniture needs, boredom..We are constnantly changing and so our fashion a decor choces are too! Here are some ways to keep up with your decorating needs that hopeully won’t cost the earth but will make a huge difference to how your home feels.

Feature walls

Classic-World-Map-Mural-Room2Murals Wallpaper

kitchen-with-grey-feature-wallHouse to Home

photo-gallery-3The Idea Room

Decorating a full room can take time. But if you are happy with the walls and colours then perhaps adding a feature wall to some of the rooms is all it needs. You could decide to paint one wall in a different colour. Perhaps to tie in with a colour scheme or theme you have in mind. You could turn a wall into a piece of art by adding some wall art. There is a great choice on websites like wallpaperink. Alternatively, another option is to make use of your photographs and create a photo montage wall. You don’t have to stick with the same idea for the whole house. One room could include some wall art while another includes pictures. The choice is yours. A feature wall can have a big impact on the space you have.


Soft furnishings


Sometimes just adding some new soft furnishings around your home can be just enough to inject some new life into it. This could be by adding some new cushions to your sofa in your living room. Or a comfy throw to a bedroom. Even moving some of your bigger furniture around into different spaces can give off a new look.


Injecting a bright colour

 casa_haus_hannah_blackmore_katy_thomas_living_roomCasa Haus



If your home is fairly neutral, then a great way to add a little zest to things is by injecting a bright colour into your living spaces. A mustard yellow in a living room, or a nice pink in a bedroom. The bright colours attract the attention giving off a feeling of a newly decorated space when you haven’t done that much.


Decluttering your living spaces

Going around your home and tidying up your spaces can make a place feel brand new. It happens when we can just get on with daily life, and clutter can build up. Like unopened bills on the kitchen surface. Or old newspapers and magazines on a coffee table. Go round and declutter your home. The new minimalist look can make your home feel very different.

Making use of light



Finally, making use of light can make any space feel different. Getting as much natural light into a home is one way of doing it. Or if that isn’t possible adding some new light features. Perhaps a new reading lamp, or new light fittings. The best option is to open your blinds or curtains and make use of the natural light. You will be surprised by how much your room can change by just allowing the light in a bit more.


I hope these ideas inspire you to inject some new life into your home decor. Often it is just the simple changes that can make the biggest impact.