So i did a very quick little shoot while we were in Italy, which briefly featured Abby, and the flowers that Richard had given me. It was sunny, but quite cold that day, hence the short shoot. But I like how the pictures came out a lot, I love using swimming pools, the reflections and shades of vibrant blue just look good as a backdrop.


Abby looking lovely with flowers in her hair, which is a nightmare. Me and Max were in the pool with her holding her up and placing flowers, then we had to get out of the way without disrupting her or the flowers for Richard to take the picture.. fun fun






I love how the flowers look in the water, last image sporting my leg in the background..




Me and Max holding Abby up and sorting the flowers, it was pretty cold, she was shivering, don’t let the gorgeous glaring sun fool you…



I originally wanted to get a cheap disposable underwater camera, but I couldn’t find one and it didn’t overly matter as after the 4th day, I wasn’t allowed under the water due to my ear, which sucked..but it was fun doing this shoot, and it made use of the flowers Richard had brought me. I also pressed a few as I am thinking of starting a little scrapbook like thing…maybe..


Anyway I hope you enjoy the pictures! Special new Wednesday feature to start tomorrow so make sure you check that out tomorrow.