DIY Confetti frameSo this is the first post of our new weekly series FRI-YAY DIY! Because it’s Friday, finally the weekend, and here’s a small project to sink your teeth into!   I’ve been pretty excited about this DIY post! I spent a while searching of ways of doing it after I saw this post on Emily Henderson’s blog about Jen Gotch’s office make over, which featured a confetti frame. Also I’d kill for an office as awesome as there’s!


So this was my inspiration. I’d had a confetti popper for ages, and wanted an awesome way of using it. Putting it in a glass vase or box just didn’t seem fitting enough. Then I came across this. Knowing I probably wouldn’t be able to find any plexiglass, I decided to try to find a different way off framing it.

Ok so here is what you need

Confetti; I love the mix of foil, shapes and colours. But whichever one suits you!

3D frame/Scrapbooking frame; I got one from Ikea. You need a frame which has some depth between the glass and backing. It won’t work with a standard frame.

Spray paint; I went for neon pink…which I think looks awesome.

Coloured card for the backing, I went for a light dusty know to keep the confetti the main attraction.

Here is what you do!

Ok to first thing first spray paint your frame, a couple of coats evenly should do it and let it dry. Then if you get a confetti popper like I did. Have some fun with it! Take a few pictures while you pop it. I exploded it onto card, so it was easy to pick up and transfer into the frame.


I had so much fun with the confetti popper! They are totally on my list for the wedding! You could also do some really fun photoshoots with these too!

Now with scrapbooking frames, they come with a wooden insert which holds the glass above the backing. What I did to make the confetti look like it was floating and all around, was to trap some between the wooden insert and the glass. What we are missing from not having a plexiglass frame, is the static you get.

Cut your backing paper to size, and simply put in and then your done! It’s a super simple DIY which gives you a super cute art piece for your wall!


I love it! As it’s so bright and colourful. I feel extremely girly when I look at it, plus Arch loves staring at the colours and the shiny shapes!  Have fun guys!!