Wooo it’s Friday! And my DIY this week is a super easy and effective DIY that anyone can do, and it’s a great weekend project!! Plus it doesn’t cost a bomb either!

What you will need:

Sketch book of your choice

Spray paint (I have gone with gold)

Cardboard box

Masking tape.

Ok so get your sketchbook, here is Richard modeling mine nicely…






Next decide where you want the colour to go and mask it off with masking tape. I went for 1/3 roughly of my sketchbook. I also quite like the idea of my page edges to be gold. But beware depending on paper type the spray paint may bleed, you might want to do a tester.



After you have roughly marked where you want your coloured section to be, wrap up the rest of it as if it was a present, also remembering to do your edges.  You could fold paper separately and secure with masking tape on the inside of your sketchbook if you don’t want any edges to be gold.



Ok now its time to build your spray booth, now follow these instructions carefully as this can be tricky. Get an old table or chair or even a patch of floor outside that you don’t mind possibly being gold. Then get a cardbox. There you have it, your own spray booth. It’s tricky I know so if there are any problems leave me a comment… Also remember safety first, wear some goggles and old clothing, maybe gloves unless you are thinking of doing a rendition of Goldfinger, if you are, gold spray paint is perfect.



Stand your sketchbook up and spray. Now how I do it to get a nice even coat is to do light short bursts moving your hands side to side as you do it. Let it dry for about 5 minutes then flip the book over and do the other side.


Ok now you have done both sides, If you are going to do your paper edges too, spray lightly and I mean lightly each side. Do one burst at a time and let it dry. Now depending on your sketchbook material and the spray paint you use, you may or may not need to do a couple of coats or maybe seal it. I am thinking of sealing mine for a little bit of extra protection. I am not sure what I am going to use yet, maybe clear varnish or maybe plain old PVA. 



The spray paint I used, which I am totally in love with is valspar brilliant metallic. I think it works really well, and the finish is nice and vibrant, not dull which I have found some gold spray paints can be.



So yeah have fun with it! Maybe even using neon spray paint. Ir go crazy and do a patten!