All I can say is thank god it’s Friday! I’ve had a long few days with little Arch being poorly, Richard working long hours, and just the daily drama of life, so I’m looking forward to having a fun weekend! Anyway to the DIY. I have seen tons of the dipped vases DIY’s out there and I thought I’d try and mix it up a little!

Marbled, neon and bursts of colour are big trends at the moment, so I thought i’d have some fun filling glass bottles with a mix of paints creating a marbled effect.

So this is what you need:

Glass Bottles; I went for a variety of sizes, but whatever you have lying around the recycling will do

Paint; I experimented with acrylic first, but then ended up using standard house paint (the joy of tester pots)

A syringe




Ok so obviously wash your bottles thoroughly, and make sure all the labels are off and let them dry.

You will want to lay your cardboard out, and maybe get a little pot to put your paint in. I put about 2 tablespoons worth of paint in the pot, then mixed it with enough water to make it that little bit more runny! You can either add the different colours separately, or pre mix them in your pot like this.



I found it easier, and cleaner to syringe the paint up and put it in the bottles. Once the paint is at the bottom have fun twisting the bottles to get a desired pattern. Then just repeat with other colours. After you have got a desired effect, slowly tip the bottle to get the excess paint out of the bottle and let it dry upside down! It’s so simple, and can make some really effective patterns! And your having something that looks a bit like this.

marbled-dipped-bottles marbled-dipped-bottle-blog-diy-crafts

You can use these bottles for fake flowers, or just as a decorative piece on their own! It’s so simple, and a great way to add pops of colour in your home!

Wishing you all a lovely weekend!!



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