Right so this week’s DIY is a super easy one which shouldn’t even involve you needing to leave the house! So if like me your a bit obsessed with plants, but don’t have the time or money to keep buying an array of cute pots and vases, then this DIY is for you! All you need are the plants pots, some pens and paint and a funky pattern you want to try out!



So these were my poor little cacti plants. Living in their standard brown pots. I love a cactus plant because they are so simple to take care of, and these beauts were going in my bathroom, to help spruce it up a bit!

I looked around for some little pots here and there, and to behonest there weren’t much about which didn’t cost a bomb. So I thought, why not work with what I have and make them look awesome myself! So I don’t know if you have noticed, but there are lots of funky patterns trending right now, including eyes, which was my inspiration for this post.

 Bouffants and broken hearts
Check out that tumblr because they have such crazy amazing patterns! I love their stuff!

The method!

All I used to do this was your standard house hold paint, I used some old tester pots I had. And a sharpie to draw your design on! Simple as that! Have fun with is! To dipped pots with zig zags, or have fun with stripes and polka dots! These really are such an awesome, fun and super easy DIY! And they look super cute too!