So I thought I would do an update on how frugal Feb is going. Thankfully, we are still doing fine. I have never cooked more things from scratch in my life, also who knew I had so many different kinds of flour in the cupboard.

A few ways we have saved money;

Tinned tomatoes: I have been making pasta sauces using tinned tomatoes as my base. Can of tomatoes costs about 34p. I just get plain old non-brand tomatoes. When it comes down to it I couldn’t tell enough difference to accept paying double. They are great though, chopped for soups and sauces, or whole on toast with scrambled eggs.

A whole chicken: Instead of just buying the good bits I want, I brought a whole chicken. From this one chicken which I paid around £5.00 for we got a lovely roast, chicken salad, chicken soup (using hand-made stock from the carcass) and chicken pie from it.

Flour: Now like everyone I go through phases of baking, where I buy the ingredients, make it once then put them in the back of my cupboard. In my cupboard I have bread flour, gluten-free flour, self-raising, plain and even flour for pasta making. So over the last couple of weeks I have made fresh bread, cakes, croissants, pies, pizza, home-made onions rings. The list is endless. It quite a bit of effort, but it’s meant me and Richard haven’t spent a fortune when we have wanted something in particular or sweet. We have posted some of the recipes too, from our Valentines day week.

Flowers: Ok so I have this love for having fresh flowers in the house. I know what your thinking. They are a  luxury item that I don’t really need. But what can I say fresh flowers make me happy. But I have found a way to keep my habit going on a budget. So like fresh food, fresh flowers get marked down in the evenings in supermarkets, also quite often on market stalls too. Go to your supermarket around 7 ish and you might just be lucky enough to pick up a bargain. Last night I spent in total £2.15 on four bunches of flowers. Ranging from a small bouquet of pink roses, to orange-yellow and red tulips mixed with white roses. My house now looks lovely and colourful and I saved £13.85. In the summer I will be home growing my own flowers again. Below are some of the flowers I grew last summer, it was my first time and I have to say I loved doing it. It was a challenge, but much cheaper than buying fresh flowers, plus I could change it daily depending on my mood.


Home cinema: So for entertainment, Richard set up our projector, borrowed some films off friends, made pop corn from kernels we had ages ago, puffed up the bed and we watched movies all night. Cheaper then going to the cinema plus you get to wear jogging bottoms. We may or may not be watching the Star Wars films..


If you have any tips or cheap meal ideas do leave a comment and hope everyone is having a nice February (as if it’s already half way through February though right?)

Anyway happy Tuesday all.