I can’t believe we are almost halfway through January already. How are you all getting on with your resolutions? Regarding my own, healthy eating is going surprisingly well, I have found a new love for grapefruit.  I can’t get enough of it. Our first food post will be up tomorrow, although it is hardly the healthiest, but it sure is tasty. You have to have some fun though right?

Right onto the title piece. Frugal February. Everyone has those months where bills just take over. Ours is February this time. MOT, car payments, and tax, all car related all happening February. So to say the least, February is going to be tight. Welcome in Frugal February. In a bid to not get drowned by next months financial situation me and Richard are stepping it up a notch. Always being one to hit the reduced aisle’s we have quite a bit of meat stacked up in the freezer, plenty or rice, cous cous, pasta and soup. We are aiming to go a whole month surviving on what we have, only buying fresh vegetables and fruit from our local farm shop.

We were very lucky to get a coffee machine for Christmas, and quite a bit of coffee beans and such so that’s our caffeine addiction sorted. But alas to my charity shop and flea market outings I must refrain. We have a few outings happening where I would normally get a new outfit, but I am going to find a way to make do, or reinvent some outfits I have already.  Could be a future post…


Make do and mend, bake and keep warm with jumpers.


let’s see if we can do it.



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