Having children can be expensive. So there is nothing worse than paying out to keep them occupied as well. Especially when there are so many things you could do in moderation or at home. So I thought I would share with you some of the ways you can be frugal while occupying a toddler. Of course, some of these things require an initial investment of some money. But mostly they are cheaper alternatives with a few handy tips to save some pennies along the way.
A walk in the countryside

You could consider heading out for a walk somewhere in the countryside. Most of these places are free to enter or if you take the car may require a parking fee.we are lucky to have a rspb attraction just down the road from us, so we try to go there and do long walks, collecting the odd pinecone too!

Building a den or tent indoors


Often it is the simplest of activities that your kids can have the most fun with. These things are the ones that only cost you your time. Building a den, a blanket fort or tent indoors is just one of those things. You could turn it into a movie afternoon where you get all comfortable and settle down to watch a good film. This only requires blankets, pillows and some tall chairs or other items to hold it together. It can be a lot of fun building it all and can take up a fair bit of time. Once it is built, you may even get to enjoy a cup of tea and five minutes peace.

A toddler class

 While this isn’t frugal if you do it everyday, attending a toddler class each week could give you and your little one that welcomed break. So pick wisely. There are many church venues that hold mornings or afternoons that have very little cost. Some even just require a donation to the church. You may want to consider other more organised classes like Little Squigglers. If you are paying out for something you may as well make sure they get something out of it. One of the groups we do is baby sensory. Which is available from new borns up to 1. Arch we loves sensory, and each week is different. This is the one group we pay for, as we are lucky to have the children centre which offers groups for free near us. 

Arts and crafts

  Crafty corner

Most young children like to get creative in some way shape or form. So why not encourage that more often. Initially, the cost of paints and a few items is your only outlay. If you use the paint in moderation, then these bottles can last a while. You could look into making your paints and craft items with organic materials. Kids like to get messy so painting and creating stuff is a great way of doing it while letting their imaginations run wild. Check out Pinterest for some awesome other ideas too!! 


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