Furniture ideas that will make your home look amazing.

Let’s be honest. Furniture is pretty important, but I think it should be stylish and functional. Your furniture says a lot about you, and if you rent its a great way to spruce up your space with colour and style without annoying your landlord.

Ok so there are certain pieces in the home that feature in certain rooms. Bed in a bedroom, Dinning table in the dinning room and a sofa in the lounge. We are currently on the look out for a new corner sofa.I find corner sofa’s are ideal for smaller obscure shaped rooms. They create a lot of seating and fit in the most awkward places.  Nantuckit slipcovered sofas have great options, so many different styles. I am in love with dramatic sofas..I don’t know why…but I’d love a bright coloured one to make it a real feature in the room.




I love this couch, it looks so comfy. Plus the contrast of the yellow against the black bookcase is amazing.

I’d love a walk-in closet; what girl wouldn’t? And although realistically not all of us have the space for one, trying out different ways to store your clothes can help make your home look good.  If you don’t have the space, or the budget, why not get creative. Using a bookcase like this one from Ikea, would be an awesome way to display your jumpers, shoes and bags. Creating a room separator at the same time. I have the shelf in my room, and its an awesome way to store things.



This would be great as a unique walk-in closet. Separating a small area off for your clothes using this as a room separator. If you do have the space to have a room dedicated to your clothes..there’s so much fun that can be had with sourcing fun pieces and up cycling them for the special room for your clothes.. a girls dream.

50 Stunning Closet Designs @styleestate


Source. amazing is this, plus I would have so much fun sourcing pieces for a room like this.


I love furniture shopping, to the point in Essex we probably could have done with another house for the pieces I brought and up cycled. If you find a dream piece, but the three figure price tag isn’t in your budget, look for furniture with a similar build. Whether it be EBAY, a charity shop or even Ikea. (Hello Ikea hack), and DIY your dream piece yourself. It’s a great  way to add colour and personality to your home, Without costing you a fortune. Plus there’s nothing like having that conversation piece in your home that everyone loves, and being able to say you did it up yourself.


I love a good dinner party. Give me any excuse to whip up some cocktails, make some food and generally have fun. But given our house isn’t the biggest and our dinning room is just a little area in our living room it was pretty important for us to get a table that extends. Extendable tables are so useful especially if like me your short on space. We were really lucky as when we moved to Essex, my Grandma gave us her table, and it was beautiful wood grain that she had for 15 years. Sadly it got a bit damaged in the move to Bedford, so I recently sanded it down, re oiled the grain and painted the legs white to give it a modern twist. But being able to shove it in the corner, and bring it out for parties is such a space saver.




But p.s. how awesome is this??

Having little pieces here and there can really make your room pop. I love shops like Habitat, Made and Ikea. But budget doesn’t always permit me to buy my dream pieces, so I love hunting for piece that need a bit of TLC. Like my coffee table. The best thing with this is that you can match the pieces perfectly to your style.  Just have fun with it.


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