So it would seem the new decor craze hitting us are gallery walls. They have been popular for quite sometime now, but it seems to be growing and growing as favourited tweets, on pinterest and blog posts. At home we have a small growing gallery wall, it has been coming along slowly since we moved in over a year ago. But I don’t want to just chuck anything up there. So how do we do our own gallery walls? Well, I have been researching a few ways to do gallery walls on a budget. As much as we all want a Picasso on our wall (my dream) it’s not practical cost wise, plus insurance would be a killer.


Image from Pinterest via here.

A lovely idea to do is just to make it a family photo wall. I mean art is interpretative. Your children’s drawings, collages, family photos little things that mean a lot to you. It’s your own art. Framing postcards of the places you have been, posters, letters, snippets of magazines anything that means something to you can be art.

Regarding framing. After many years of looking for frames and such, sometimes just going to Ikea is good enough. I would only recommend getting art professionally framed, if you want it in pristine condition or the artwork itself has cost a lot, or means a lot to you. Professional framing can be expensive, but it’s worth it if you want something to look spectacular, or if the piece is a slightly a weird shape, or priceless. I would look into getting things framed in bulk (if you have a spare £500 +) because sometimes you can get a discount.

What I have done with the few things I have framed, is gone down to my good old local charity shop. You can get some really good quality frames from the charity shop, which with a bit of a clean can look fantastic.

Ok so if your in my position, without kids at the moment, how do you do your gallery wall? There are only so many pictures I can put up of me and Richard. So how do you go about investing in artworks? We can’t all be Charles Saatchi. But there are sites such as Art finder and even Etsy where you can buy affordable art. Also don’t be afraid to take pencil to paper, or paint something. Or source your own images, I  have seen magazine covers in frames which look really effective.

After spending hours looking on Etsy and Art Finder and spending millions in my head, here are some of my favourites.


Ok so Screen print, ‘Swing shoe’ done by artist Taca Maca. Is eye-catching, funky and only £6.74 from Etsy. Bargain.



‘Teal Hat’ by Elizabeth Graeber. Is simple and elegant and a lovely £7.43



Not a Picasso, but there are defiantly some themes of cubism is this work. ‘Greece Gods’ by Atelier van Biesbergen.  Is on my wish list, slightly more expensive but worth it at £89.78.



This dapper gent/deer is done by Loopy Lolly and at £22.29 this is a comic and elegant piece for the wall.



Basic concept, great effect. I love this little piece entitled ‘Tangerine Strip Cup’ by Kathy Hutton and at £22.00 it doesn’t brake the banks.



The last one of my Etsy choices, I love the colours of this piece. ‘Pink and blue Skull’ by Metana Press and at £18.58 you can’t go wrong. I find Etsy has more of a theme of illustration rather then high end gallery priced artworks. They are great for display and at a good cost you are getting some really funky pieces.


Now onto Art Finder pieces, which are more abstract. I am attracted to shapes,texture and colour. So my apologies if these pieces freak you out at all…



This collaged piece screams like sci-fi 60’s glam. I love the colour, the shapes,the overlay. Its just very abstract. Its a conversational piece which is sure to stand out in any gallery wall arrangement. ‘Intersection’ by Sarah Thomas is a bit more expensive then our Etsy finds at £300, but it’s one-of-a-kind and signed by the artist. *wishlist*



This fits a little more into the theme from Etsy but this is ‘Toilers of the Sea’ by Claire Chamberlain. At £20, let’s start investing no?



This piece by Czar C. Entitled ‘A-Muse Bouche’ – Doggy Warhol. 2013. £260. Edition of 20.

Ok so I have a very abstract taste in art, but I am just loving this juxtaposition make-over on a classic.



This piece is done by Andy Blundell entitled ‘Once a Pigeon’, 2013.  £400.

This is just really interesting, and would suit my gallery wall next to Richard’s x-ray of his hand.



Ok last of, this one is beautiful. It is high up there on the price, but as a painting its a one-off. Entitled ‘You dance like a rapturous player’ By Gugi Gu, at £1259.96 its my ultimate wish list.

Remember that this amount, I think is extremely good value, at the gallery I intern at paintings go for in-between £5000-£12000. There’s only one. You can’t perfectly replicate a painting. When you buy a painting you have it just you. I love this piece though, the movement, the colour choices, everything.