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We got engaged in Italy a while back. It was so romantic, but more importantly it was just me and Richard. We both can be quite private people so this was a perfect proposal for me. But we’re all different and no matter how your proposed to, it’s always special and unique to you. Especially if the right person is behind it.  But there’s a lot of expectation and pressure which comes with proposing. I know Richard was pretty nervous the whole day trying to find the perfect place to do it. To the point we drove round and stopped at 3 different places…me completely clueless to the reason, until Richard was happy.

So let’s look at some way engagements happen…because i’m in a smooshy mood.



Sometimes, you just suddenly realise you can’t spend another moment without the other person in your life. It takes you by surprise. You find you are suddenly on one knee and taking your partner’s hand, asking the biggest question of your life. And it’s certainly a surprise to them too! But when that moment comes, it can be the most romantic few minutes you have ever experienced. Take a second to say why you want to marry, and let the words flow out. This can be super romantic, even if it doesn’t involve a flashmob, or a big screen at a football game. The sudden need for someone to do it or they will explode with just super romantic. Plus having the story of we got engaged on a bus because I told him a funny well just awesome. Or like this couple where it happened during a walk they do most days..lovely.

surprise-proposal-photo-shootIntimate Weddings

Big Party

When you know you two are going to be together forever, you are probably brimming over with excitement. You want nothing more than to tell everyone you’re going to tie the knot. And if you’ve already started planning the wedding, you can’t keep it a secret for much longer! Throw a big bash and invite your friends and family. Of course, they’re not going to be left guessing for long after you’ve been shopping for designer engagement rings from Whiteflash! (P.S take a look there are some beauts!) This can come with the possibility that both partners know the engagement is happening. Sometimes with instructions from the future bride.



You could do what we did and jet off to one of the most romantic places in the world. Take a walk out into some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. When it’s just the two of you, you can find that perfect moment to steer the conversation toward love forever after. A candlelit dinner or a romantic walk in the park could be just the place for a beautiful proposal. For me like I said above, it was perfect. I was pretty shocked and way to giggly after Richard proposed, add a bunch of people watching and I think that would have ruined it for me. It just being me and Richard made it our moment. Plus I got very sweaty afterwards..what can I say I was laughing nervously for about a month afterwards!

Daniell_Baxter_Anna_K_Photography_LLC_JBDaveProposal50637_low-560x373How He Asked

If you read the post that goes with this image above its the cutest thing alive…you see the whole thing captured. It’s so sweet.


Of course, there are plenty of you out there who want the support of a crowd of thousands. Perhaps you even want your special proposal caught on live TV? Sports stadiums are a very popular place for people to pop the question these days. And the crowds love it! If you’re both big fans of the game, what better place to solidify your relationship than right there in the front seats? Let the team know, and they can help you make the moment even more incredible. Or do it like this couple below and do it during a running or marathon event!

Best-Marriage-Proposal-Reactions_20How He Asked


You might choose to make a full day of your proposal. If you really want to get engaged in style, start from the moment they wakes up. Breakfast and a bouquet will be ready and waiting. Then whisk them off to a romantic hotel that is all dressed up for the occasion. Enjoy an intimate candlelit dinner for two in private. Sing a song in their honor. Then, down on one knee, present them with the big question. Or make it really special and get your family and friends involved like the proposal below.

proposal1-beachPraise Wedding

P.S if my tips have actually help at all..or you have a lovely picture of your engagement send us a photo! You could be featured in the engagement special post…that I may do…one day



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