Getting organised for Christmas

  Christmas is now approaching rapidly, full steam ahead! I love buying and making gifts for friends and family in December. In fact, it’s one of my favourite parts of Christmas. Coordinating all the presents can be hard, though, especially if I want to make anything. Creating things is fun but it does mean finding the time to do it. And you need even more time if you wish to send anything through the post, especially overseas. If you have friends and family you need to mail presents to this Christmas, follow my guide to get them there before Santa.
Before you start packing up presents to post to people, you need to think about what you’re going to send. I always bookmark lots of fun gift ideas. But then I realise that some of them might not survive going through the post. Luckily, you can send almost anything in a package if you pack it up correctly. You just need to be careful because there’s no telling how your package is going to be handled as it makes its way to the recipient. I would avoid anything too fragile or any food that won’t last. If you’re sending anything abroad, you should also check the customs rules to make sure you’re not sending anything you shouldn’t.


  Christmas is always a busy time for post. It pays to be extra cautious when you’re sending presents. If you’re not careful, your friends and family could end up not receiving their gifts until the new year. You can check the Royal Mail website to find out their last recommended dates for different postal services.
  This is the fun bit. Some people might just put their presents in a box and send them off. But I like to make mine look great. Obviously you need to wrap them up, but then you can make the packaging you send look great too. You can go to sites like to get personalised stamps. You can even add your own photos and pictures so people can see right away that the gifts are from you.

Thought I would finish with a grumpy Richard untangling lights! Hope everyone is enjoying putting up their Christmas decorations!