Gift ideas for the toddlers in your life.

Ok so we know it’s been baby fever over here at Wooden Flamingo, with the birth of quite a few babies, as well as the twins I have been cooing over the little finds I have found on Etsy, so let the shopping begin. A lot of these products are from the States, so please remember postage times and prices.


How awesome are these? And such cute designs too, let your child have fun playing with these all day long. They are so simple yet so much fun. Get these at Imagination Kids. £19.62 check postage as most of these are from the States.



Such an awesome non-conventional puzzle, giving your little ones different shapes to play with.  Get this here. £19.61. Check postage as from the States.



Cute little crochet bunny, they have so many different styles in this shop, at least one should take your fancy! Or why not get a whole family? From Manuska. £16.35


I’m sorry but I think these are pretty awesome and what kid doesn’t love stamps or dinosaurs. Once again this shops has lots of other stamps, but these were my favourite. From Nora Jane.  £6.54 check postage as ships from the States.




Can’t go wrong with Christmas felt food. Just look at the gingerbread man. A great addition to any play kitchen. This is from homemade by BB.  £16.35. Do check postage as coming from the States.



I couldn’t resist putting in a few pieces of clothing, I think these elephant leggings are adorable, and they do a matching head band too. From Camden and Kate. Also they are completely organic too. £19.61. Check postage as ships form the states.


With the hype of the new Star Wars teaser trailer, how could I not put this on. I totally got this for Finley… great no?? Get this here. £7.85 but do check postage as from the states.



Make all your the other hipster babies swoon. This baby bib is just gorgeous. Made from organic cotton, you just can’t go wrong. Get this here. £9.81





Not the best picture which is a shame, but these look insane, and who doesn’t want dragon feet? Keep your kids feet warm this Christmas with these. Get them here. £6.54 but check postage and they are from the states.


Well I hope you have all found lots of bargains on this fine Black Friday!!

have a good weekend all.