Gifts for the bakers and foodies in your life.

We all have those friends who bake or cook miraculous dishes, especially around this time of year, it’s a time for people to pull out their showstopper roast potatoes, and alternative Christmas desserts. So what do you buy the foodie and baker who has everything, these cute gifts thats what!





With good food comes good beverages, and these would look great on any bar cart. From Anthropologie, at £8 and coming in different colours, you can drink in style this Christmas. Plus just look at the stripes..




Another addition for your bar cart, and to please the beer drinks, a unique bottle opener. They have quite a few designs, but I love this bear one. From Anthropologie again (hint it’s all from there) and costs £18.


Well this is an upgrade from a wooden rolling pin, they also do awesome ones with stencils built in them, so as you roll, you roll a pattern on pastry. Thats Christmas cookies sorted then! From Anthropologie and costs £18.


Well hello, how super cute is this?? Add some flour handprints, and we are looking at an apron perfect for Christmas dinner. Costing £34 and coming in so many different styles, theres one to suit the foodie in your life. Get it here.



With baking comes eggs, and who wants to showcase off cardboard egg boxes when you have these beauties. Coming in four colours, eggs will never look the same again. At £12, keep your eggs in style all year round. I’ve said eggs way too’s lost all meaning…but anyway get the egg crate here.



Last but not least, a staple utensil for any bakers kitchen, cup measurements. These are to die for, you know me and stripes…I just can’t say no. £34…is a lot, but just look at the detail…get them here.



And that’s my last gift ideas post…time is counting down, online shopping is coming to a close….it’s all getting very close to the big day…This month has been a hectic one..I am looking forward to Christmas day, New years, and one day getting my house finished and my office set up…one day…