Ok so this book is seriously awesome. So awesome I read it in a couple of days! So awesome that maybe it’s the reason why I am deciding to get a fringe after wanting one for like 5 years+. It’s a big step bangs you know! But back to the book

It’s inspiring, its funny, it relates to all the slightly awkward women out there. I remember having a favourite pair of purple and black cords, and liking Bowie..being a little weird when I was in my teens, but this book empowers that. Sophia Amoruso is beautiful inside and out, she’s edgy and she’s different. Her writing style fits right in with the Nasty Gal brand, and why wouldn’t it? She created this business from just her to a multi million company. With no debt and no financial or business plan. Her wits and attention to detail did it all.

I feel like today having a degree is a big deal and becoming the norm, and I remember my rant on degree’s I had earlier this year.. but Amoruso proves sometimes it’s not about your education, but just hard work and the want to be successful at something and the fight to survive. With tips on CV’s, branding yourself and even getting fired.  She cut’s to the point but keeps it funny.

With inspiring quotes, to die for illustrations and photos and other #Girlboss stories and advice, it’s just full of amazement.

She is crazy inspiring and if you have your own business or hey just want a good read go get it. I promise it won’t let you down and you will learn all about the OCD over the BLT.