Goals for 2015 and my little temporary office.

Ok I am officially back. I think I’ve worked out a schedule, and the house is slowly getting sorted, there’s been a few developments recently which I will share in due time which has taken me away from the blog, but I am back. So lets get this year started.



Last year I had a big list of resolutions, check them out here, but this year..it’s going to be different. I got things lined up which are going to shake the foundations a bit so this year my main goal is to just be happy.

I want to do more projects that I enjoy doing, I want to experience new things, and be more organised. I want to buy more flowers, and cook more. You know the simple things and not let silly things keep me from doing things I really want. I want Wooden Flamingo to grow and be a place that inspire’s you all, so that you want to come back. So yeah those are my goals. I also kind of want to get a bit more comfortable in front of the camera and actually get some things planned for this wedding.


So what are all your goals…

Like I said last week, its been a difficult couple of months with the move, and its coming along so slowly, hence my temporary desk in my living room..on my rug. So here is my guide how to run a blog from a rug in your living room.





Comfort and space is key. The biggest problem I have been having is the spare room being filled with boxes, and me not knowing where half of my supplies are..it’s a real pain. I’ve yet to find my camera charger hence my lovely iphone pictures..

But let’s get started, comfort is pretty important either to sit on or to use on your lap, lie on..you know comfort stuff, so find a nice pillow, having a bright colour is always great for mood too.

Having refreshments near by is essential. Keeping hydrated with herbal tea and snacking on delicate macaroons is my answer..Plus they are cute to post over instagram.

Notebooks…endless notebooks and notes, for the blog, I’ve fished out the important stuff, like my planner, blog design ideas, idea notebook, wedding notebook…the lists of lists is endless.

And cute stuff like pens and washi tape, for decorative ideas.

Now so far my system is working, and I think I am back on track so to keep you all in the loop, my aim is to do similar to last year, blogging every day bar the weekend, with Wedding Wednesday’s starting up next week again. I have lot’s of DIY, recipes and fun mad women ramblings lined up, plus like I said something exciting is happening soon which will throw a different mix into the blog.. I hope.


So here is to 2015..again..lets make it a good one yeah?