Gousto Gourmet and Hello fresh box review, a voucher code for you all too

Ok so I had a couple of vouchers for some gourmet boxes including one for Hello Fresh and one for Gousto. I thought id’ share my thoughts on them for you guys. I took up the chance to try them because I have ben trying desperately to try and eat some more healthy options, and for half price off the box I didn’t see the harm in trying. So firstly I recieved the Gousto box, now I knew what I was getting as you get to pick 3 meals from a list of 10. I went for Ramen, a fennel crusted pork and a chicken and rice dish. It was still pretty exciting getting a box of food though…oh the joys in life.


The ingredients are all super fresh, and they came wrapped up neatly even with ice packs. Everything is pre measured so its super simple too. Here are the dishes we had.


Ok so first we had ramen, and this was unbelievable and produced 3 healthy sized portions much to Richards delight, who finished off mine and the extra portion. But the instructions were super simple, and it took no time at all. Plus I really enjoyed cooking with Richard.



Ok so I wasn’t too keen on this dish, but hey I’m pregnant so my tastes are all over the place, Richard enjoyed it though, once again enjoying both portions.



This was incredible. Fennel crusted pork, potatoes and butter beans and tomato. I could have eaten 2 portions of this. So overall I was pretty happy with the box, but it is expensive. It’s a great idea for those who want the simplicity of having everything planned and brought for you, if you have that extra income. For 2 people having 3 meals it costs £34.99. But the food is all organic, and such good quality. If your interested in trying it out I do have a voucher you can try which gets you £20 off your first box. You don’t have to commit and it’s super easy to cancel, so if you don’t it fancy after your first box just cancel it. Just type in SOPHI47639 at the checkout.

So next we had a Hello Fresh box.


Once again the package was great, all coming in recyclable material. The ingredients were super fresh and I kind of felt we got more food with this box. Instead of measuring out spinach we got a whole big bag of it…I have only had one meal with this so far which was gnocchi with creme fraiche pesto….but it was super good. Tonight we are having chicken pockets…fun fun fun!



The same as the Gousto box, this is still expensive but it’s always worth a try..For a box for 2 which includes 3 meals it costs £39.00. They also do a veggie box and a family box, so take a look at the website. They work slightly different to Gousto. You get given 3 meals with a possible 2 options to swap with. So you get a choice of 5. You order by Wednesday, to get the delivery on Monday. Let me know how it goes if you try any of the boxes out!

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