Ok so this post is a bit late due to my charger breaking and having to wait a week for a new one, always back-up your stuff guys…. anyway. So Richard got the infamous GQ book Eats, which is bursting full of sophisticated yet manly meals.  Our aim is to cook as many of the recipes in the book this year and give you lot a review. For obvious reasons we won’t be posting the recipe but hopefully our pictures and thoughts will entice you enough to buy the book. If you need a little more persuading keep coming back as we will be posting more reviews as the year goes on but  you can see the recipe for this Hotdog here. But  honestly for any guy who loves cooking weird and gut filling food, this is the perfect present. Get the book here.

Onto the hotdogs. The recipe is created by James Knappett and it’s seriously delicious. With an avocado sauce, and spicy salsa you’re pushing the boundaries of a Mexican and American classic. Finished off with some sour cream and  jalapeño’s we also added some  jalapeño jelly which you can buy from most supermarkets or make your own, and because we love hot food, we kept the chilli seeds in. All these flavours coming together made every bite a powerful burst of salsa, spice, lime and cool sour cream not forgetting the all important dog too. Perfect meal for any relaxed chilled evening. Pair with a cold beer ( or milk like us for relieve from extra spice) and that’s the night made.


dog hotdog2


After the preparation it was time to make the hotdog.



I feel the pictures don’t really do it justice. But here you go. They were insane!


Happy Monday all.