Christmas is just around the corner and if you have not yet decorated your room, it is about time you did it. You may choose the traditional style, like every time, but there are some other unconventional ideas you can try out this year. Family room is the most important room when it comes to holidays so make sure to achieve desired and warm Christmas atmosphere for you, your family and friends.

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Mini Trees

If you do not have enough space this year for a big Christmas tree, or you just need some small details to spruce up your home for the holidays, you should try arranging some mini trees. Small green and red trees will sparkle up your room and bring the holiday spirit despite their size. Arrange them around your room, on coffee tables or windows, decorate them with small colorful ornaments and there you have it. What is more, you can find mini trees in many different colors so try and experiment and bring joy into your house.

Old-fashioned and Traditional Decoration

Holidays are all about the tradition, so why not decorate traditionally. Set up a big and lush Christmas tree and decorate it with homemade family ornaments, like candy canes, stars, angels and little Santas. Hang the stockings and fill them with presents for your family, arrange other ornaments on the tables and the curtains, and lighten up your room with some colorful lights. These old-fashioned decorations will make a well-known pleasant atmosphere that everyone just loves when it comes to Christmas.
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Be Bold with Red

Another traditional element of the Christmas is the color red. You can add a lot of details around the room with the red, and it specially goes well with gold or silver. Decorate your tree with silver or gold ornaments and arrange some red bows and ribbons as well. Organize some soft red and green or even checked pillows on your furniture to make it cozier and colorful. By adding some of these and other red details, your room will get its character and it will definitely feel like Christmas.

Christmas Classics

The holidays are nothing if not spent with our families watching classics. In this time of the year, many Christmas classics are shown on almost every channel, and even though you have watched them numerous times you will enjoy them. To get the holiday spirit, Sydney based home theatre company recommends keeping the TV on in your family room, and have some unforgettable moments with your family. You can watch reruns of many enjoyable and funny movies that became a part of the tradition.

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Try Blue

Blue color is slowly getting the popularity of a favorite color for Christmas decorations. Many ornaments, nowadays, are made colored in blue, such as bulbs, stars, bells and lights. It goes well with the traditional red and green, and it is also a great contrast to gold and silver colors. So be brave, try out something new, like this blue theme and achieve a whole new look on Christmas.

Green and White
More and more people are stepping away from the traditional decorations. For example, white Christmas trees are at the peak of their popularity because they are simpler and go well with the popular minimalistic look. So, if you like it simple, get a white tree, decorate it with some green ornaments and lights. Green is a great contrast to the pale tree, so make sure to have ornaments of different sizes and shapes, and use many shades of green as well. Also, you can add some green bows to complete the look, and maybe bravely add some red details.

Let your creativity out, make your own ornaments and decide on which look do you want this year. There are many possibilities and decorations, chose your favorite and enjoy Christmas with the people you love in your very own family room.

Author’s Bio: Lana Hawkins is a student of architecture from Sydney, Australia. She is passionate when it comes to crafting and cooking. Lana loves writing about home decor, and she does it regularly for Smooth Decorator.