You must be wondering how your friend’s home looks fabulous and stylish all of a sudden given that you know she is not a self-proclaimed interior designer at all!

Well, worry not. We are going to get you covered with our simple yet brilliant home décor ideas. Find our tips and tricks shared by top designers and interior décor experts below:

1- Mind Your Color Scheme


If you want to make a head-to-toe complete makeover in any part of your house, you have to create a basic palette that will be the guide for the color scheme you will work with for all the other rooms.

Expert interior designers reveal that color schemes should be kept really simple. For example; royal or pale blue or even easy orange can do the magic.

Furthermore, you can use different shades of the same basic palette color in different rooms to spread their effect.

2- Use Mirrors to Add Warmth to a Room


A mirror will always add charm to your room in many different ways. Among the reasons why we think you should invest in mirrors is because they enhance rooms’ decoration by magnifying it’s natural lighting in addition to making small spaces look larger than they are actually.

However, you need to place a mirror in the right location in order to boost its decoration uplifting capabilities. For example, you can place twin full length mirrors between windows to oomph up that space.

3- Revamp Small Spaces 

Just because the space is small, it doesn’t mean that it also has to be cramped. The best you can do to revamp such spaces is by placing double duty furniture there. For instance, using a large farm table can work both as a desk as well as a dining table.
Additionally, if you place furniture in the center of the room instead of pushing it towards the walls, you will be able to add volume to small spaces.

4- Choose Enhancing Paint Colors

It doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg to make a space look enticing and beautiful. And neither do you have to create mirror smooth walls via sand edging.

Odd as it may seem, irregular surfaces are known to equally sparkle as compared to smoothly finished painted surfaces.

Therefore, do not shy away from favoring value added paint colors.

5- Light Up Dark Ceilings


While wood paneled and dark painted ceilings are common in many homes, they can be either a source of pleasure or a source of gloom for the home dwellers due to the caveman feeling they give.

Nevertheless, you can fix dark ceilings via adding recessed light fixings which in other words are can lights that brighten up dark ceilings.

6- Use Bold Elements

Remember, it is personality that will make your home’s interior decor great. Therefore, strive to add a personal touch by trying different elements so as to settle on a personal statement. For example, a Persian rug could be a good addition to your living room.

This means that you can be bold and have fun by incorporating both conventional and unconventional styled items in your living room such as ottomans and huge library style book shelves, until you get the look that perfectly suits your tastes.

Moreover, unexpected combinations will always give you an overall wow element at the end.

In conclusion, when designing your home, always go for a look that goes down well with you because no matter how modern a room looks, it will do little good to you if it does not suit your tastes. Home decor, after all should be a simple process.

Additionally, you can also take into consideration different elements such as feng shui when planning your home décor.

Also let us know which tips you usually incorporate while decorating your home.

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