I remember when I was little my mum used to do these really extravagant halloween parties. We would come home to the whole house decorated, and games all set up. The little spread of sandwiches with sausages and ketchup cut to look like fingers, and cupcakes, with marshmallows and brain sweets in jelly. She went to the extreme. And all of our friends would come over, we would go trick or treating then come back to party games. I’d be a standard witch like every year. (original I know). But it was amazing.

I’d love to do this when I have kids. I think Halloween is always seen as being really big in the states, and not so much over here. As you get older the costumes get more inventive and often include less clothes, but the general points still apply. Candy, spooky decorations, pumpkins and dressing up. So I have been looking at some awesome pins for Halloween.



This looks pretty epic, and I think would go down well at a kids or adult party. I have such a sweet tooth. It’s my biggest problem I could eat cake and macaroons all day.  This is from here.


Come on, I am dead excited to try and make these. Halloween falls on Richard’s mum’s birthday, I could totally make these as a nibble no? Everyone loves hotdog mummies? Fine the recipe here.


These are pretty fun and kind of sophisticated…plus who loves a really simple recipe? This is from here.


I’ve never had any luck doing pinata cakes, so maybe cookies are easier? Get the recipe here.


Gah these look sooo awesome!!! perfect for little trick or treaters!! Get the recipe here, they look pretty easy! Might have to try these.


I put a healthy option in, although we all know it’s about the candy!! But to stop the kiddies teeth from rotting, this is a fun way to get vitamins and nutrients slipped into the holiday spread. Recipe here. 

syringes One for the adults, these look stupidly fun. Add a squirting syringe to any alcoholic beverage set up and I am there!! Check out the recipe here, plus they had loads of another cocktails too!


So there’s a few ideas to think about pre-trying, we all need to practice things before the party..or is that just my excuse to eat fun treats all the time? haha!

speak soon