As you may know, I’ll be getting married in November. I’m getting pretty excited about it, although I could still be a bit more motivated to plan! I’ve talked about venues already, but a lot of the ones I’ve looked at are really just dream locations. I know that for a winter wedding, I’m going to have to think practically as well as aesthetically. It won’t be as cold as it is now, but it’s still going to be getting pretty chilly. And we could be in for plenty of rain, which has the potential to mean mud. So I’ve been thinking about the choices we’re going to have to make so that everything goes smoothly.
Think Practically

Firstly, we’re going to have to think of all the practical issues. In England, you can’t have a legal wedding ceremony outside in the open air, you need to have a structure of some sort that has been blessed. However, you could still have an unofficial ceremony or the reception. Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen for us in November! There won’t be any rooftop wedding out in the cold, or standing outside in a field while my dress gets muddy. When choosing a winter venue, you have to consider issues like these. Will it be a hassle getting from the ceremony to the reception when it’s cold and/or wet, for example?

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Dramatic Backdrops

  Rock My Wedding

Cold, wet weather means outside photo shoots may be a no no.unless you do it like this awesome couple and embrace the rain!  But no one wants to stand in the cold, rain and possibly snow for long periods of time to get a ton of pictures! But we still want to have some stunning photos to remember the day. I want to have plenty of natural shots as well as posed ones. But I still want to have some fantastic scenery as a backdrop. If your not up to braving the cold or rain finding a venue with an incredible staircase or something similar would be a good idea, for some awesome photos!  At Adlington Hall, they have some magnificent architecture. You could have their Great Hall or their Georgian mews Hunting Lodge as your wedding scenery.

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Winter Warming and Long Night Lighting

Since it will be getting cold and dark in November, we want to keep our guests cosy. We can’t have them shivering through the reception! Even though it will be full of people, a wedding venue can be large and breezy. We’ll have to make sure we can keep the room warm, either with central heating or a romantic fire. And, of course, keeping everyone in food and drink will warm them too. The long nights will also mean it will be dark earlier. Sunset will fall long before we’ve finished partying. So the lighting will be an essential thing to consider too. Candles will be romantic, but we’ll also need to ensure that everyone can see! A venue with some beautiful chandeliers would be a great idea.

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A winter wedding doesn’t have to be  boring, having a hot chocolate bar with a marshmallow melting station like this will keep your first toasty! Or pick some warm tones for your colour pallet and create and Indian summer admits your winter exterior!


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