He Says She Waffles, Cirencester

Ok so yesterday me and Richard were looking for something fun to have for lunch when we came across this little place down a side street.



So we spotted the sign and went in, its in on the Cirencester highstreet, and I am telling you, you have to go.





Filled with fun decor, and a funky orange and black colour scheme, I could have stayed here all day trying the many options they offer. The milkshake flavours alone are endless.



Served in funky milk bottles too, we went for toasted marshmallow and chocolate peanut butter. I am totally going to try rose next…rose milkshake…I can’t even begin to imagine what this might be like.





Excuse my day dreamer look, I got lost in the milkshake (so so good).


So Richard went for a bacon and maple syrup waffle which came with a salad and a creamy caesar dressing. Look at the little jug of syrup…cute no?



I tasted some of this and it was amazing. I would recommend this place for filling good food and as a perfect munchie curer!!




Smore waffle surprise…this was just insane. So insane it took me like 30 minutes to eat it, and I only managed half. I would recommend sharing this one, it was so sweet and so good, but my stomach just couldn’t take it all in. It has everything important on it. Marshmallows, white and brown chocolate, and waffly goodness. Topped with ice cream and an orange slice to help cut through the sweetness.



Long story short, if your in the area seriously check this place out!! staff are friendly, its a chilled laid back atmosphere and if your not drawn in by the smell of fresh waffles, just let the decor and amazing menu do the trick!!