So I’m definitely the type of person who eats the majority of their calories in the morning, great in the sense that i don’t tend to eat at night, but rubbish as I snack a lot. So as I slowly start my healthy eating in prep for getting married next year, I saw slowly because habits tak a while to break, I’ve been looking at breakfast’s that are healthy but filling enough so I don’t over eat and snack all morning and afternoon. MY plan is to trial and test some different options and get back to you, I do a bit of cooking recipes on the blog, for recipe inspiration for all meals, follow the click here to go to the cooking section of my blog.

Sunday brunch calls for pajamas, newspapers, and a long hearty breakfast. Normally it’s just me and Arch as Richard works the majority of weekends, plus lets take out the brunch bit as Sunday lay-ins just don’t happen. The latest being possibly 7am…But it doesn’t matter if you’re on your own, in a couple or with the family, I think Sundays are a great day to have the indulgent breakfast. Instead of the usual fry up why not go Mexican and spoil everyone with some delicious egg tacos for a sizzling fiesta? In a medium hot skillet saute jalapenos, chilli powder, garlic, and ham. Then take off the hob and keep warm. Then whisk your eggs until they are mixed well and cook and fold until they are shiny and moist. Then spoon your eggs into a warmed up tortilla, sprinkle with lots of cheese and add your toppings. You can also serve with a delicious salsa and coriander for extra oomph. It’s a bit different no? Or go all indulgent and try zesty lemon crepes with butter and sugar or how about waffles with maple syrup. If you want to go one step further for an all-American breakfast, you can add bacon too. For a fruity twist to your waffles add fresh strawberries or a delicious fruit compote. Have fun. I plan to have fun at the weekends..I think we all need to relax the diet healthy eating sometime.

raspberry-overnight-oats-recipe-4Living Well Mom


Sometimes I just don’t have the energy/time or a chance to grab myself breakfast, let alone get a chance to eat it without rushing around mid mouthful. Having an active 1 year old, and a crazy schedule makes making healthy filling choices for breakfast sometimes a no go. So i’ve looked into breakfast that can be made the night before like these overnight porridge oats.  Also grab popular flavours of instant porridge for when you haven’t been organised (happens to the best of us) and as an easy grab and go brekkie . Other quick breakfasts include oatmeal squares with your favourite toppings. Or berry smoothies made the night before and even smoked salmon on top of nutritious crisp breads.

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If you’re looking at healthy alternatives for your breakfast, replace sugary processed cereals with porridge oats, homemade granola, and natural yoghurt. Try Weetabix with milk and blueberries and almond butter on toast. Eggs are always a good choice, scrambled, poached or fried. Vegetable egg muffins are also a great idea as they are easy to make like the ones above. They can also be eaten on the go too.

dsc3595Go Eat and Repeat

These greek yoghurt breakfast bars look delicious too…well wish me luck while I try to curb my morning snacking! Hope you all have had a good weekend…