HELLO 2018


It’s another year, we are already a week in..its a gloomy cold day and in-between writing this I’m playing dinosaurs with Archer. How’s everyone’s resolutions going? I think this is the first year that lose weight hasn’t been one of mine. I think I’m tired of having an argument with my body and so decided this year just to make better choices and to be more organised..as always.

But let’s take a look at last year. Last year I barely blogged, I struggled with my mental health, I got diagnosed with Post natal depression early in the year,which has been a bit of a journey but I’m on the mend for sure.I had an exciting but tough year with Archer, can’t believe my little guy will be 3 this year.Richard injured himself at work, which meant he was off work for a couple of months. But. We did get married. And it was just amazing. Leading up to the wedding with Richards injury and generally all the wedding DIY’s I had decided to bite off, my time was just hectic. But it all came together and bar the fact I had a chest infection (what were the chances) the day was just a dream. And ill do a big post on it when I get the pictures back. I’ll also slowly do each of my DIY’s too.  But it was perfect.

Regarding Wooden Flamingo, I left my sponsored post company, as I decided the money wasn’t worth me doing post that didn’t fit with the brand or that I wasn’t interested in. It  was a big decision as that was my main income of money. But I still have the Etsy shop, and a big development happened with that when I realised I just wasn’t enjoying doing the signs. I wanted a more creative practice instead of doing the same sign every couple of weeks. So I started doing more patterns, and drawing and painting. Then I started playing around with shapes and I came up with my painted patterns on a plywood circle. Which actually got featured on Apartment Therapy! So that was pretty exciting! Sometimes you have to follow your heart guys, not the money.

I’m just looking forward to a calm creative filled year!


Happy 2018 all.