Here’s How I Would Design My Room From Scratch

If you are buying a house soon (lucky you), you might be pretty excited about decorating it and putting your own stamp on it…or slightly daunted by the blank canvas before you. Even though I rent, I am constantly thinking of ways to add personality to my home without annoying the landlord, but even though I can’t act on my wants, I still have in mind how I would go about designing my current house if I owned it.

I think firstly I would look at the rooms that need the most work. If your in a rush, which to be honest I think we all would be, to move in. The last thing we want to do is go about changing the foundations of the place. Unless they are in particular need of work, or you really want that adjoining wall gone. So I think i’d start by painting the main rooms like the kitchen, living room and hallway. (the ones guests are more likely to see) white. Literally having that blank canvas to start, which will allow you to assess the situation, regarding time and money. Then if you don;t get round to decorating straight away you don;t have any garish colours you have to just deal with until you do get round to doing it. Because let’s be honest. It’s not often we all find a dream house that comes with the dream decor already there.

Flooring is important, as the last thing you want to do is move all your larger pieces in then decide that that carpet has to go. Look at high quality flooring by Empire Floors, they have a great range to fit all budgets and needs. I also recommend if your needing to get multiple floors done, going for the same company if you can. As you never know they could cut you a deal, and if not installation or delivery might be discounted. Never hurts to ask.




It’s then a good time to  pick a colour that compliments your furniture and flooring choice. May this be the furniture colour itself, accessories or the wall colour. This is where I get excited when thinking about owning my own place! Honestly the fun you can have, it’s an expression of you! Plus I dream of the day’s when i’m not surrounded by magnolia coloured walls.  I love this living room above. It’s a very muted mocha brown regarding the walls and sofa, but the pops of yellow, green and pink give it an awesome modern twist, that I am dying over. This is a great example of how you can add style to your home if you rent and can’t paint the wall that  shade of blue you wanted. Having the spot of colour in your decor and accessories, makes your room pop, even if your wall’s don’t.

Placing your furniture..I find with living rooms especially this can be pretty tricky, as finding a layout to fit the focal point which tends to be the  TV, can be quite difficult. Unlike the kitchen where sometimes your appliances will only go in certain areas, thus giving you less layout options..which sometimes can be a blessing. I have tried 4 different layouts with my living room and we finally found a perfect one.. to then be ruined due to the fact we are getting a new sofa, which is going to completely shake up my layout due to it’s size and shape being completely different to our current one. So you have to think about where things are going to go. I read a good way to help you decide, is by masking out the big pieces of furniture on the floor, so you can relate the size and layout without having to constantly move around your big pieces. Saving you time, and your poor helper’s backs.

I think another good thing to remember is the function of each room. The kitchen is for cooking, so the layout should compliment your cooking regime. Having that fancy draw for your spices, or the coffee machine next to a coffee shelf full of your favourite syrups, beans and teas will personalise your kitchen to you. Another thing to remember is the emotions related to colour. As silly as it sounds, you might not want a bright green for your bedroom..where it’s function is to be relaxing and intimate. Having a pale colour, with slightly bolder accessories may give the eye catching appeal with a softer overall feel which is  great for chilling and sleeping.




This person has utilised the  shelves in their kitchen to display there rainbow collection of utensils. It’s functional and pretty all at the same time.





Now this is a bedroom I could happily sleep in for the rest of my life. The painted pink and white wash walls, and bed covers paired with the bold grey and geometric furnishings make the overall feel of the room relaxing yet modern. I mean this is a room I would show off to my guests! Plus I am in love with that painting.

I have a scrap book of ideas of how I want my future house to look and feel..all on pinterest. Though at the rate i’m pinning it’s going to need to be a mansion!